1. God damn he's cheeked up. Bro outta change his name to A-Cake

  2. “I want those reports on my desk by EOD, Johnson… or it’s your ass!”

  3. The most interesting part of this is that Trump did not file in court to say that he wants the documents unsealed.

  4. I don’t give a shit if it’s beer o’clock, a meme’s a meme.

  5. FR. I mean they had a post about Stafford winning the SB and they upvoted it to the heavens:

  6. So in Spanish Vos is an informal way to say “you”. So as I would be addressing someone. Salvadorans are heavily known for using Vos but it’s used throughout Central America and in northern countries of South America. I’ve used it around Mexican friends and family members who have married in and they reply joking “Vos? That drunken Spanish to the south I see.” It’s not slang it’s just not proper.

  7. Nice! Hopefully a Chapin night one day 😎

  8. Heany got touched this game. Cutch and Renfroe had his number.

  9. We were one out away from the series being 3-1. This is a fair split, so let’s see if we can at least win the next 3 game series with them. Then I’ll hold judgement.

  10. Love how he brags about being a 5x college drop out. Maybe that’s why you can’t properly maintain your employees!

  11. Luxy saving his next HR for when runners on base.

  12. Kramer runs into Chevy Chase reprising his Three Amigos role for an off-off Broadway show called “El Baño” and hates the script so much he got into a fight with the playwrite. Kramer catches him leaving the theater in his full Amigos regalia, and Chevy asks to swap clothing so he can take the subway to his hotel and maintain being incognito. Kramer then parades around the city in the Amigos getup, and after several days, Jerry and Elaine try to get him to change his clothing, which Kramer obviously argues against. Finally, after wearing the costume for over a week, he runs into the Street Toughs yet again, and Cedric being Latino, takes exception and believes Kramer is being a “culture vulture”, and they chase him. As Kramer leads them through Central Park, they catch up to him, pulling off his sombrero and jacket, ripping off his ruffled shirt, and he slips down a dirt hill, laying face first at the bottom, his whole body covered in dirt. Newman rolls up past Kramer, in roller blades and safety gear (his new obsession activity), and tells him he has dust all over his bottom, and rolls away.

  13. I feel the same about George's girlfriend who got pissed about the crib notes. Who cares if he needs help remembering the moves? He still did them and you enjoyed them!

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