1. Not necessarily. Sometimes it takes a mix. A cocktail. I’m on Lamictal, Latuda and Thorazine. And amitriptyline and Trazodone. I used to take Seroquel. I also take hydroxyzine but it doesn’t do anything for me.

  2. Ohhh yes. I like Lamictal and Latuda a lot. I have bipolar on top of it so it’s double helpful.

  3. My eyes started watering because of this.

  4. Holy yikes. I mean at least they did the bottom lash too. -cringe-

  5. I’m from the U.K., I could upload a pic of nearly every woman walking down the high street 😂

  6. For real. I’m in the US and it’s getting more and more popular.

  7. That’s a good sub. lol I belonged on there 8 years ago. XD

  8. Yeah that was my way of trying to preserve privacy I guess. Lol

  9. I had to come searching to see if anyone else had this problem because I’d heard so many great things about this and when I tried it, I looked like I had years of product buildup in my hair, had white spots all over my face and looked like a I had a horrible dandruff problem all over my shirt. I hate it and I hope they let me return it. and yes, I too tried to shake it and it still did this.

  10. Glad I wasn’t alone but sorry you had this experience too. What a terrible product. I almost had to wash my full face of make up off.

  11. Yep! I’m considering getting the gold-toned one though. I’d like to use both.

  12. How do you apply this? I've tried using my fingers but it kinda presses it harder into the pan and leaves my fingerprint market (it's so soft)

  13. I use a concealer brush and my fingers. It is really soft, almost a hard gel consistency. I use it on my eyelids after primer and then eyeshadow. I also use it on my cheekbones and bridge of my nose. And chin.

  14. It’s bad if they’re too big/too much meat per bun ratio. If you need a fork and knife to eat a burger, it’s no longer a burger. Burgers like this are awful. You’re supposed to be able to take it into your hands, no sweat, and take a bite. Like. Get bread in your bite on top and bottom, with the meat in the center. These aren’t burgers.

  15. Tips for getting a nice shape for them all? I keep trying but they all come out looking different :/

  16. Just file the edges to try to get an almond shape. Not sure how to explain…

  17. I wasn’t standing up for him. I was explaining his pathetic behavior. Wtf Reddit.

  18. Uncircumcised? Also, use oils like sweet almond oil.

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