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  1. ALL theocracies are deplorably unethical.

  2. Apart from Islam ofc they got it right but all those other religions got it wrong, says so in their book

  3. Engi is a must have on every character.. imaging u dont have an AH in Dala😱😱😱

  4. The amount of people who struggle with any of the H+ dungeons made me lose a ton of faith with the community on my server. Like yeah you can get screwed with the frost path (got feared by a berserker into one) but they are all super easy.

  5. Or get one spawned under you when UPs last boss stuns you on it. Have few people die of that now, usually the healer <_<.

  6. Got ice bombed then fear frozen by ymiron - not fair, but really shit game design by blizzard

  7. There would be no test if you knew there was a creator, according to islam we all signed up for this test, so blame yourself if you remain in ignorance, besides logic states a creator exists, how did the universe come from nothing

  8. The creator has no beginning or end, it always existed and has no gender, it's too complicated for our simple minds to comprehend, in fact we can't even possibly imagine it or handle looking

  9. U didn’t really answer the question, if you can say the creator has no beginning or end, then I can just as easily say the universe has no beginning or end

  10. Yeah, as a pally tank, this one is 100% the tank.

  11. Actually found brann’s bit in hos h+ quite hard as a holy pally, but again, dps wasn’t great

  12. I haven't done either of the halls yet, but based on reading yeah sounds like a healing check.

  13. But perhaps strangely did the general in hol h+ charged and it was a piece of cake

  14. Surge needle ring is a great melee boe ring that used to go for like 10-12k gold and dropped from eoe raid Now with the patch it drops from H+ utgarde keep and has like a 50% chance to drop so prices are tanking soon they will just be like vendor trash

  15. i did once lmao and yea it was kinda weird

  16. Yeah, I’ve had like auditory tracers/ echoes in my head, quite strange really

  17. God is consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. We are the imagination of ourselves.

  18. Is there a sane reason she’s behaving like this?

  19. right in two is pretty straight forward.....or wings 1 + 2....or, jump right in and do the holy trinity

  20. Or you could just chill the fuck out? Live and let live

  21. A lot more work is needed to “get” Tool than most bands. Try Lateralus 10000 Days Fear Innoculum, but be prepared for multiple listens

  22. It’s a thing people. Was ordering some uniform for a female member of staff, I simply filled in the amounts and left her to fill in the sizes and hand in. Simples

  23. Yeah, looks like straight up gt to me, but apparently a snazzy name invented by dipshits does significantly increase potency. Ya live and learn

  24. Corrupt immoral “politician” acts in a corrupt and immoral manner, blah blah blah… other news, rain is wet apparently

  25. Arrogant was perhaps the wrong word, more just many people consider theories to be indisputable facts when they are in fact theories. This can be seen with bold confidence people had for 2 centuries in a variety of very wrong models when it came to atomic theory (which the newest model is less than a century old still). Not to mention even the greatest scientists are still learning about the big bang all the time and creating new models.

  26. You may be hazy on the use of the word theory? Common usage = wild guess pulled outta ur ass, scientific usage = a model which encompasses all observations, laws, hypotheses and improves upon, agrees with all previous theories

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