1. Well to be fair that is the most sanitary way to do it 💀

  2. I would hate to live in the capital again. So expensive for what

  3. Has it been stationary for a while? The hubs or brakes may be seized.

  4. Frozen handbrake, but I noticed I need a new cable anyways

  5. Well I think it depends. What happened? Can you recall step by step of the encounter? Was the kid antagonizing the dog before hand? Was it just out of the blue?

  6. It was by accident. Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter, but as of recently, I have lost all liveliness in myself. Its not because of her, I think its just life circumstances.

  7. 100% smoking weed has been very central to my personality and "persona" for the past 9years. After some life circumstances caused that to change I can't even figure out how to exist in my free time. I was never forgetful or lazy as some others have mentioned and being very high functioning I would end up smoking all day everyday & now that's not my daily life I feel like I gotta move to a new state or something and construct a new personality.

  8. YES. I cant even describe how many levels I feel this!

  9. Sometimes I wish I could find more words or even better words to say than “im sorry”. Im not sure If I can say im glad you shared this, because you aren’t alone.

  10. When my girl was pregnant (2nd trimester) and he baby kicked my stomach and I was instantly like, “we can wait a few more months, maybe a year.”

  11. Nothing weirder than giving your unborn baby a tootsie pop lol

  12. I’m definitely going to watch them. I have been watching all of them on HBO and right now Michael Keaton is not the Batman

  13. This was straight ASSASSINATION. Hate to see it but it happens haha

  14. I thought my girl looked like an old bald man. Her face all wrinkly. She 14 now.

  15. Hahahaha. Funny you say that! My daughter resembled a Mr. Burns from the Simpsons 😆

  16. I can't tell if this is a joke or not or if it is a joke, exactly which level the joke is on.

  17. I didn’t want to say. You know because of the “implication”

  18. The 60’s version of Scooby Doo. Great monsters and I think the animations were and still are cool

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