1. Yeah need to double down on ghosting. Huge red flags of being very controlling in relationship.

  2. I have a similar question but I have a Pikachu V can that evolve into raichu GX or do I need to use a generic Pikachu to evolve into my raichu

  3. You have to use what Raichu GX says as it's exact text it evolves from.

  4. No. It is talking about the whale tail above the butt cheeks.

  5. Go to get appointments for all of my Healthcare problems.

  6. Glad we agree. You should share that tmog with us using Narcissus.

  7. Yeah... I was disappointed when i learned the transmogability of the evoker.

  8. Your the person who walks to the grand canyon and says... "wow a hole" arn't you?

  9. Thank You For Your reply That Meant i need to download the game that i which to add to my library ? Thanks

  10. It's powered by space magic, I guess.

  11. Healer here, I am waiting for dragonflight to even que didn't want to farm gear I would instantly replace. Will be Quing soon.

  12. Then lets say, a conversation is going on between 2 people and someone put music in that video, how do i remove the music with removing the sound of the conversation.

  13. Sound editing software and lots of skills I assume. Something I would never want to try doing.

  14. So much plot in all the games.

  15. I would so wreck them plot holes

  16. ILVL plays a huge part right now. I’m barely able to push past 1300. Hit 1500 and lost for like an hour straight. I’m a 275 disc priest and was going up against 298 ILVL folks. Had a 50k earth shock and some 70k warlock bolt.

  17. I believe there is just two item levels of pvp gear in Dragon Flight, So i am hoping to stay on top of them from day one and will be easier then getting 40k conquest to update gear LOL

  18. I'd recommend really sticking with one you enjoy and learning how you're supposed to respond to other classes.

  19. I have been playing this game for a embarrassingly long time. I still come out of arena with a bit of a panic. I am hoping with solo shuffle raided I can get my nerves settled and start to be able to realize why i died or didn't

  20. Great photo! I love the framing on it!

  21. Reminded me to actually take my pills today thank you

  22. Yeah I got nothing funny that I see...

  23. I missed where he said something was being to be replaced. Pre made groups would still be the best way to go.

  24. Privacy of streaming their image or voice.

  25. Getting fat and giving up on any hopes or dreams. At the moment I am stuck in that trap.

  26. If one single person who is innocent is killed the system is not worth the risk.

  27. Yay! Your going to have so much fun!

  28. Viewing fellow Americans as enemies? That's about as unamerican as you can get. It's exactly what's wrong in this country.

  29. I think she meant enemies outside our borders. Republicans think that counting votes takes to long. So if Russia is our enemy she is saying it takes too long to count so Russia is laughing at us while we count votes.

  30. I drove by a couple times for work. Since there were no lights going on any vehicles and they were there for a while.

  31. To me this was the dumbest move I have ever seen them make. Even the cube crawls didn't effect their profits like this will.

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