1. You really realise this isn't really a good thing, cuz it reduces the chances of Bruce coming back. I would be fine with Josie's existence if she wasn't a semi-reskin of Bruce's moveset, but the fact that she is doesn't really make her unique in terms of gameplay aside from her design, which was mainly designed to attract horny Tekken fans imo. Also I really don't see the appeal, her personality is that she cries a lot... Obviously, her gameplay isn't bad and she does have some uniqueness with her moves, but this is like a small percentage of her moveset. If they reworked Josie and made her more unique then I would honestly wouldn't mind her existence.

  2. Those are good points. But results don't determine whether a person is good or not, it's the goal. Jin's goal was to end evil, and it's good, but he failed, and failing does not make him a bad person. Did he intend to fail? No. The deaths of millions of present people was intended to save the more future people.

  3. If your plan involves millions of deaths of the people you wanna save, it's not a good plan.

  4. Yh exactly, and Jin knew that so his way of tackling his own situation is really flawed when it has an impact on the world itself.

  5. This could be mucho easier to read this if you added some line breaks to separate the paragraphs. You either need to do 2 new lines or 2 spaces at the end of the line before the new line.

  6. I was gonna do that, but cba tbh. I was fed up and ended posting the comment anyways.

  7. Asuka be looking like Añgel from KOF, and Nina be looking like Mature. Overall...great work! I wish they had these designs!

  8. Tekken 6: Fallen Colony, it's one of the prettiest stages I've seen with a killer soundtrack.

  9. Well yes, she's integral the story. She will be base roster. If Lars is in the game, then Alisa will be too. Hopefully with a badass redesign.

  10. Akira Yuki, Ryu Hayabusa, and Ichiban or either Goro. Cuz Kiryu seems unlikely.

  11. This movie is gonna do shit, it's the same writer and director for "Black Widow"...hence why it's going to be "Black Widow 2" as opposed to "The Thunderbolts". Also you know it's gonna be shit when they have the same stupid ass Taskmaster from the Black Widow film.

  12. I don't know why'd they use a writer to an mcu film that at best had a lukewarm reception from general. Audiences and die hard mcu fans

  13. Blame Kevin Feige, he's the one that makes these decisions, or gives them the "👍".

  14. Is Harada on shrooms or smth? I would rather play the scenario campaign then listen to a shitty narrator give exposition for 5 million hours straight. At least the scenario campaign fleshed out all the characters and involved them within the main storyline. Tekken 7 didn't even do that, and had one of the worst fighting game story modes ever, thanks to the dipshit narrator and awful writing. Granted, T6 ain't perfect either, but there was effort put into it's story. Not a good story, but it's serviceable. But Harada is dead wrong about that claim...

  15. If I had a nickel for everytime Tekken Reddit had a post about Lucky Chloe, I would have too many nickels, which is a lot, but it's weird that happens all the time right?

  16. It was boring to borderline shitty at some moments. Underdeveloped character's, terrible pacing, and stupid retcons. 4/10. Never watching again, unless there is a season 2 which covers T4. Also no Bryan, and Eddy despite the fact that T3 was their debut. Incredible fuck up. You're telling me Leroy is in this dumpster fire, but the actual people who debuted in Tekken 3 aren't? I find that hard to believe.

  17. "Trash? Trash? TRAAAAAAAAASSSSSHHHHH!!!!" That's all I could hear in my head when the final boss left lol.

  18. If this was Season 1, then your comment would be relevant. If you still have trouble fighting Noctis almost 5 years later, then idk what to tell you mate... He's not even hard to fight against. Most of his shit is launch punishable or steppable, and his movelist is really small. There shouldn't really be an excuse here.

  19. Lucky Chloe mains are the saddest creatures on this planet. So much copium for a shitty character that has no purpose in the game.

  20. 15 days until we get a new T8 trailer. I wonder what we will see. Hopefully UI. That would be cool. Roster baby.

  21. Revenant reminds me of Revenant from Apex Legends. Eventhough Revenant from Tekken Mobile came out first lol.

  22. Well...considering that Hwoarang doesn't make any sense in Korean, ofc it isn't his real name. Idk Korean, it's just a vague thing I remember about his name.

  23. Samurai Jack from Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack. I'm surprised no one has thought about that. The only problem would be Warner Bros...

  24. Which worked, because Julia was trending on Pornhub after her release. I'm dead serious, Michael Murray himself discovered this lol.

  25. I would personally love to see Akira Yuki from the VF franchise in T8. Imagine doing JSK in Tekken...it would be cancerous to master, but feel great to pull off. Also Ryu Hayabusa from NG/DOA, now that would also be a great guest. Last, not least...Kiryu Kazama (This is the least likely to happen due a thing with Kiryu not being allowed to hit women, but maybe Nagoshi has changed his mind on that stance and will allow Kiryu in a Tekken game), but considering every Yakuza crossover I see is a skin for Kiryu...it kinda puts my hopes down. In Rainbow Six and VF, it's only a skin for Kiryu and not Kiryu himself, but like I said...who knows if Nagoshi has changed his mind or not.

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