1. It’s a tie between Eva & Michael & Wig & Servant; the whole adoption of Marley, peaceful aura, clear chemistry, that’s as really sad.

  2. I think Boone did very well playing a very mixed up character. Some of that writing for her- woof.

  3. Agree with you both. While I didn’t like her arc against Red I don’t dislike the character overall & don’t always understand the hate for her or Megan

  4. Seeing so many people in this sub defend Sandoval’s comment because they hate Lala is gross too. There’s a lot of people defending it in the Weekly Episode Discussion thread.

  5. Hold up because I just received the same CARES message. I’m not familiar with it otherwise, does someone need to like report our comment to have that sent?! If so y’all are really Wilson out here over these people you do not know lol

  6. Make sure you report it so that the sender gets in trouble for abusing that feature.

  7. Ty all for enlightening me, I reported expeditiously - I shouldn’t be shocked but I am disappointed in that type of behavior.

  8. It's been mentioned before too. I can't remember which episode, probably the one where Dembe gets captured, but they do comment on how the hell Dembe got into the FBI with his past.

  9. That was my thought too. WE know his intimate connections with Reddington but however there’s nothing to suggest he’s been on a wanted list, been arrested or that his legal name has been tied to anything illegal, especially given a recent photograph of Raymond doesn’t exist outside the back of his head/side profile.

  10. I really liked Monique, too, and I know that’s not a popular take on this sub. I grew up in NJ and I honestly feel like she’s a quintessential Jersey girl, and that’s part of the reason she clashed so much with the Potomac wives, who were mostly Southern ladies. (I do count most of Maryland and Virginia as being more “southern” in culture than northern. Especially places like rural VA, where Karen was from.)

  11. Sheree replied that prefers Popeyes lol. Is KFC better than Popeyes in US? I know KFC is superior to Popeyes in Singapore.

  12. I think it depends on the location honestly cause I have a KFC I prefer & a Popeyes I prefer 😩🤣

  13. I feel like this has the potential to become the biggest sub thread of the year but we're all too shocked to write any good comments lmao

  14. I wish my Beavo siblings could have seen the virtual run I did to come here! Work is on PAUSE as I catch up with this ☕️

  15. Because the fans want two things that are completely counter to each other and makes casting these shows a nightmare.

  16. That’s a valid point I never really thought about. And honestly, (very generally speaking) a lot of people have friends who look like them/have similar backgrounds

  17. Candiace because she’s one of the few who hasn’t been caught in multiple blatant lies.

  18. And if she is caught up in something she’ll admit it, like the comment about Karen

  19. I don’t understand the argument that she’s not on Bravo any more - neither is Nene, A’Lexis Bellino, MK(E) etc but we talk about them.

  20. Is this a new show or just a new season? I’ve never heard of it but it looks great!

  21. New season, I’ve never watched but now?! Seems like a rite of passage lol

  22. Considering how the Atlanta women have been the — in Carlos King’s words — force multipliers on every season of RHUGT thus far, I think they deserve the crown. The cast throughout all of its changes has been dynamic and provided excellent TV.

  23. This is the comment o was looking for, I understand this particular sub voting for RHONY even if I didn’t expect it. but VPR over Atlanta & Potomac?

  24. I’d say across the board Atlanta and VPR are actually the best reality tv has to offer. That said VPR has had a few terrible seasons.

  25. I agree to disagree about the Potomac piece but that’s the beauty of Bravo providing a variety of delusional stars to satisfy our guilty pleasures 🥰

  26. I think this is just the current trend in Housewives. We've already seen that at least three former housewives are filming to make an appearance on next season of RHOBH. I imagine the success of RHUGT and the "ex-wives club" is motivating it, along with the concept of BravoCon and wanting to have as many "personalities" as possible. We already have Phaedra on M2M, plus Vicki, Tamara, AND Taylor on RHOC.

  27. I love my Bravo Experts, y’all sound like you graduated with MBA (B being for Bravo darling), beautifully explained!

  28. Sutton should see those leather pants, you look great!

  29. There were rumors of a Real Housewives of Winnetka, which is a rich suburb of Chicago. That might be what you’re thinking of.

  30. Andy has mentioned that they’ve tried Chicago before & I can’t remember his reasoning if it’s filming imitations or the casting but I keep my fingers crossed. I live in MN feel like it’s the closest it would get to here.

  31. I’m proud of her to give so many props to Kenya. Kenya has said some nice things about Nene too. I love that while they feud for our entertainment they recognize talent in each other.

  32. Im not a LaDame however Karen & all her delusion is what I watch for. It’s reminiscent of early reasons of RHOC, RHOA & RHONJ which I watched from the beginning & just loved how ridiculous everyone was.

  33. This photo is like an optical illusion. If I stare at it long enough, the hair transition between white and yellow. Does anyone else see it?

  34. I would agree this was best dressed as a whole cast & best we’ve seen Nene!

  35. She had the Kandi Koated Nights late night show, Xscape: Still Kicking It. Her Ski trip spinoff and her wedding spinoff.

  36. And Kandi & the gang? If I remember the name correctly

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