1. Looks like Ryan has sent the uk some money or their terrible at their job. Sony was the one to raise prices on games. Honestly with cod and overwatch being multiplat that’s like half their studios. I kind of want this to not go through and Xbox spend that money on other studios

  2. Activision and Take-Two raised prices before Sony did.

  3. So having more games come to a cheap subscription service is harming us?? This country is a joke

  4. This is likely from a disgruntled ex employee who was part of the layoffs

  5. hell hath no fury like a disgruntled former employee

  6. I thought that was the whole point of this merger.

  7. All true, I think EU might be crucial here. Just today Kotick said that EU was more interested in details (or something like that) than UK so we may actually see EU being more lenient which will give MS some air. For now I think we have to wait for how MS reacts, because when you see them backtracking and whatnot, then it's over.

  8. I am curious what remedies the EU might request to get this deal approved.

  9. All their games are $60. How could they possibly post $70 by mistake? Also, Nintendo your games look like garbage. They look 2-3 gens back at this point. Don't even think about upping your price mid gen...unless you have a big reason to do it like a 4K streaming version.

  10. If it was a mistake why not issue a response?

  11. Let’s not pretend here that Framerate isn’t important.

  12. Oooooooooooooo the 25th of February I can feel it. I want Miyazaki to nut on me.

  13. Together with Germany and Denmark, the Netherlands is buying 'at least' a hundred Leopard 1A5 battle tanks for Ukraine. They also provide the necessary ammunition and spare parts. The Netherlands also wants to provide training for Ukrainian tank crews.

  14. What does this disaster mean for the Turkish election in May?

  15. Considering how many switch games push 5 million sales with ease, the bayo sales aren't very impressive at all. This was one of Nintendo's main fall games.

  16. I wonder if Nintendo might decide against funding another Beyonetta game.

  17. I can see SONY investing in it, but ya they won't be able to buy it, as it's a big Family Japanese business.

  18. Don’t get me wrong if Sony were to acquire Capcom they should still keep those games on all platforms.

  19. Remember when game development moved fast enough that Naughty Dog could do a full trilogy per console generation

  20. Hardly any Publisher is able to make a trilogy of games in a reasonable amount of time anymore.

  21. EU: consider joining Euro🤓

  22. https://twitter.com/FrenchHist/status/1622584703579750400?s=20&t=sStWiqWsHUwMc8Oep4oPxg

  23. Yea I’m going for the early access version most likely too. Solid reviews and good enough for me to pay $10 more to get and start playing it early.

  24. I think i am also getting the early access version.

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