1. Can I get a general vague answer on how much money you got?

  2. Cant imagine how the plot would work, whats the power scaling between the two like? Arent members Soul Society on average vastly stronger than their western counterparts?

  3. So far in the story, you would be right. The issue is Burn the Witch is only 1 arc in. We barely understand the power of West Soul society. We're basically comparing substitute shinigami arc characters to blood war arc characters. So give it some time to breathe and see what happens.

  4. HELLA COOL! I wouldnt mind getting the green variant.

  5. One of the cutest mf, and a dragon witch

  6. Kengan bleeding in here, veeeery nice.

  7. It happened a few times, favorite was the mixing of Agito vs lu tian and the lb 6 twist

  8. I noticed Paris and Helen (Elena) "of Troy". Thought it might be something like the Illiad.

  9. Now to wait for Hector to come into the story.

  10. What's with the recent surge in Lalter art? I'm liking it a lot. We shall give her the attention that she deserves, and that Type Moon and Lasagna don't.

  11. The surge of Lancer alter art is mostly being commissioned by one guy. So praise their goddamn bank account.

  12. Damn, another one who fell into the blazblue pit. Hope you have fun.

  13. Oh my god! MEDEA CONTENT! Plus, when Saber figure: Medea version?

  14. My God! She is too damn cute! Love the art

  15. Apparently, cutting back on your usual supply of blood is not a good idea (blood whiplash innit).

  16. A fucking menace to our world. Love the lil shit

  17. Okay, that does make sense when you read LB 1. So you got to give Sei props for helping Fujimaru.

  18. YES! BEST GIRL GOT HER SWEATER! Now she's mad cute.

  19. Damn, this pose is making everybody love Ushi now. Thank the gacha lords.

  20. This is lovely cursed. Keep up the good work!

  21. Sadly to tell you, but ROR Jack isn't Jack the Ripper at all, rather he was a nameless serial killer that killed the real Jack the Ripper, who actually committed all the murders.

  22. Just like fate,where we don't know which jack is real.

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