1. Or enter a ghost mode where you still play but vs bots that get replaced by human when they die on the same map.

  2. Sounds like Battlefield 2042 release. They changed directions from one game to a other type of game. I guess it a good test for how it is to work at a game dev AAA company :P

  3. https://www.youtube.com/@HojDee/videos

  4. Zewy says:

    The stars on the marketplace give no direction of if it is good or not for most with 5 stars is just to give access to discord support. What is importent for me is that the last version UE out. Has a youtube, discord, documentation, and a working test for the last version of UE. I know I was the problem not the that developer.

  5. Zewy says:

    *Modular Gameplay Debugger YES please!

  6. You'll have to post the full traceback at least, and explain what step 6 is.

  7. Zewy says:

    1. PostgreSQL check : Encoding UTF8

  8. just tested. cancelling statement will get you logged without params:

  9. Zewy says:

    I was just blind looking in my log

  10. Zewy says:

    I was looking for the params inside a "PL/pgSQL function" there is no DETAIL: parameters: for that...

  11. This, DIY kits is very good idea, i loved PrettyGood3D 3d print+ear speakers kit

  12. Zewy says:


  13. Zewy says:

    Thank you for the Example!

  14. Watch some of the videos they released before launch on the website or the games’ YouTube channel, they specifically mention the game(s) that they modeled the perk system after.

  15. Zewy says:

    Do you have a link to the youtube video or channel?

  16. You mention it is a waste of intensity as players are able to remove the poison almost immediately. How does using an antidote differ from using a medkit? The effect is probably the same in all but name. Basically, to me your antidote doesnt sound different from the medkit/healthpotion/standardhealingmagic. Either you have one or you don't.

  17. Zewy says:

    I still got PTSD from "final fantasy XII status effects"

  18. Zewy says:

    If you like status effects you will love FF 12...

  19. Zewy says:

    When it comes to inventory I feel like less is more. For I like to play the game not Tetris in my inventory. Fallout Games I love the game but I hate the inventory. Less items of the same the better. The amount of just ammo types is crazy in fallout and amount of junk you collect. I like resident evil inventory better. BR games like COD:Warzone or Apex Legends with slots is also better. The less clutter the better. The less time I send in the inventory the better it is.

  20. Zewy says:

    Thanks! saved to my watchlist

  21. They do in the original F.E.A.R., but only because of the bullet time mechanic. SMGs are really hard to use if you're not using your matrix powers and can dish out ooooodles of bullets really quickly exactly where you want them if you are.

  22. Zewy says:

    The sound and animation and feeling was so good with Mark IV Penetrator.

  23. Zewy says:

    That url give me "Threat: JS/Agent.PUP trojan" you link to "photpea(DOT)com" instead of "

  24. I fixed the link in my post...I did not do anything like that intentional, so thanks for pointing out. I will be looking deeper into what could have possibly caused this. Thank you for pointing it out.

  25. Zewy says:

    Thanks for fixing The link

  26. Zewy says:

    This is Great News!!!

  27. Install chrome remote desktop on your PC and connect to it using any chromebook. Go full screen and use relative mouse movements on your chromebook.

  28. Zewy says:

    How powerfull should the chromebook be to support 1440p? on at least 60hz

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