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  1. HEY GUUURLLLL...... Here's my number. So now you can Nicole me on the phone!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, you are very talented. I just recently started the game. All the ship designs had me curious if this one was ever made, which was exciting to see that it was. I'm currently gathering resources so I can start work on a ship but I will definitely look out for this cave. I hope that it is still there and it will be cool to see your other builds.

  3. Hey, I appreciate that! I hope you find it and are able to use everything there. Not sure how the salvage thing works now, but hopefully you can take ownership of all of it. And maybe whatever's left of the old org I was a member of next door. GAS. Lots of ships and salvage there. Huge underground base.

  4. I hope so too. I've been trying to figure the game out a bit today. I joined an organization to help me get the hang of things. I haven't seen any sign of an org called GAS yet but I'm going to fly around and see if I can find any caves. Like a true treasure hunt. My luck all the plans have been grabbed haha xD.

  5. If you are looking at the starting point with the arkship roughly in the middle, directly to the south-west there is a ridge of snow-capped mountains. South of those mountains is grasslands and valleys before you get to the arid land. The cave is within the hills along the south of that valley somewhere. It's grassy hills I remember that.

  6. YEP! My daughter has that! It even sings a song when it's time!

  7. k100 audio controls are back to rubber dome your better off with a k95 10key if it was on offer as the media keys are all mechanical

  8. I honestly couldn't care less if the audio controls aren't mechanical.

  9. As I recall, the Foundation universe used hyperspace jumps.

  10. It is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 from Campus Pride and Greensboro is rated 10 out of 10 for LGBTQ equity. So, yeah.... it's pretty safe.

  11. Ah yes... a classic bird repeller propeller.

  12. I finished the book last night. I audibly gasped during the whole Cassius shooting Sevro.

  13. Yep, I hear ya! I was literally thinking about every possible way that it could have been faked up till the finale. I binged the audio book, so I did remember the "cocktail" stim at the beginning. But I could kick myself for not remembering the first book though! So obvious in hindsight!

  14. I made sure to upvote everyone that said BRITT'S!

  15. But we do talk about the amazing version she did with Fishbone!

  16. ...I can't even tell who's being sincere or sarcastic on here anymore!

  17. Actually, I even enjoy the 60’s one. And the back to the beach one, with her and Angelo leading the crowd is a blast. And nice Simpson’s reference.

  18. Hey, that's cool and all. I'm not the kinda guy that shits on what other people enjoy. So please take what I'm about to say purely as my old man opinion....

  19. I for one welcome healthy discourse and will defend the rights of others to have their voices heard.

  20. Honestly, I look forward to big storms coming in. You usually get a good surge of good orders come in at the beginning of the storm and to worse it gets, it does die down. And that's when you know it's time to head back in!

  21. My God. I have got to start browsing this sub by new. After years of only knowing about 2% of posts, the last 4 out of 5 or so posts I have seen on my feed I have known Exactly what they were. But always way late....

  22. My wife (most of the way through an ASL interpreter program) says it means "interpreter". Signing "sign language" is something else.

  23. Technically it's just "interpret." To show a profession, the sign is followed by both flat hands moving downward in a chopping motion.

  24. Given that it's the sign for "interpreter" in ASL, any person fluent in the language will recognize it.

  25. Technically it's just "interpret." To show a profession, the sign is followed by both flat hands moving downward in a chopping motion.

  26. I think focusing on pvp instead of pve was a bad idea. I’ve never seen a game where players can destroy each other’s creations survive; usually the time it takes to make it, and lose it are vastly different and people move on to more casual pvp games. Not to mention the vast amount of pvp games currently on the market. I don’t speak for everyone obviously but I really want a creative mmo that focuses on the social aspects like trading, building and being recognized for your contributions.

  27. Yes, that was the one where they introduced blueprints to the game. At that time, they were in the in the 10-100's of millions and 100's of thousands for basic parts. This essentially made me and my org's factories obsolete.

  28. Hell yeah, Ignite! They were always a solid HC band. Saw them tons of times and every show had great music, great energy and was never disappointing.

  29. I'm getting those too, but I'm not even dashing. Came here to see if this was just me.

  30. In bed with cover right now. The only thing I'm petting is my dog.

  31. Only thing HE'S pettin'... is his opponent when he's on top of them.

  32. That's an opinion though not a fact

  33. I gotta disagree with you. I preferred Infinite's story over BS2.

  34. Is this org a Firefly/Serenity themed org?

  35. For all that are saying it's not "unexpected office."

  36. Does anyone else know her as Dino Dana's grandma? (A Canadian kids show)

  37. Why even answer? If they can't figure out that they need to contact support, it's not my job to tell them.

  38. Well, obviously they didn't want the police to be called on them!

  39. There is no reason to worry about the police. They wouldn't have done anything.

  40. That was a joke.... Next time I will include the /s.

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