One Piece: Chapter 1069

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One Piece: Chapter 1066

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One Piece chapter 1066 Spoilers

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One Piece: Chapter 1064

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  1. I feel as though the easy access of use for Gear 5 is a slip-up by Oda, it should not be that easy for his awakening over doing nothing. it seems like the worry of rushing to finish is happening some

  2. Naw. Once awakened, there isn't difficulty in accessing the new abilities. Law and Kid just mentioned the fatigue it puts on the body to use such powerful abilities until you use it enough.

  3. A lot of the spoilers seem to have been misleading, Lucci obviously cant touch Luffy but hasn't been no diffed yet and akainu looks like hes telling CP0 to not attack, not Kizaru so Kizaru should be there soon...

  4. Egghead Island could be the Sabaody parallel of New World, except rather than get wiped out, the Strawhats come out on top.

  5. It would be strange for the spirit of a deceased human to do so.

  6. If I may though, I'm genuinely wondering why the spirit of a human wouldn't just come visiting randomly. Could be OP's family member?

  7. Most of the time human spirits don't roam. It's not like it can't be, it just normally isn't the case. If a spirit was suddenly in my home, my first assumption would be that it's some sort of local/land spirit. Those sorts of non-human spirits often come and go, and some can be mischievous.

  8. I didn't even know who Jason Martin was until 2 days before the election when I sat down to research the candidates 💀

  9. I only knew who he was because I did research for the primaries. I never saw a single ad for him.

  10. I want to see her reunite with saul too but oda undoing a flashback death sets a very very dangerous precedence for me, especially considering his preexisting inability to go through with deaths....

  11. He was merely frozen. Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy were frozen by Aokiji in the same way at Long Ring Long Land, and were saved from death.

  12. I'd be surprised for them to be of much value monetarily, but it's really cool to have old copies that aren't compiled with other stories. I'd love to have a dream quest copy like that

  13. I'm so disappointed in this line. When I heard there'd be a chest pokemon I was excited for a Mimic inspired design. Instead we got a weird dude who just lives in a box, that evolves into. . . The string cheese guy.

  14. This looks awesome, but if this is an ancient form of suicune, doesn't that kill the lore about its creation by HoOh

  15. That's so lazy and disappointing. Could've just made Drampa it's evolution

  16. I really wish they didn't make all future pokemon just be robots.

  17. It’s definitely him, I always wondered why Saul has a “D” given how relatively little impact he had on the main story compared to other “D”s, so it turns out Oda actually had other plans for him way later in the future!

  18. Saul's Will of D was the same as Rouge's. Both of them died to ensure the survival of the next generation, and to pass the Will on into the future.

  19. The past forms are dope, but whoever decided the future forms all needed to be robots is lame and uninspired.

  20. Are we all the same person. I also want friends who practice

  21. Well, a small, quick individual using a knife is a good choice. What is the environment. If it's close quarters, like a hallway, that's good for the knife wielder. The opponent, with a larger, longer weapon may not be able to properly use their weapon in a hallway, or a place with dense trees. For the 12 yr old to win in this scenario, it's more about wits than being a "knife master." It's certainly plausible they could win in a fantasy book, and they don't need to be a master of the weapon to do so, you just need to write it in a way that makes it believable, with advantageous environmental conditions and the like.

  22. It was epic when Todd integrated the Art of War into his finale speech, after Jeff instructed them to study it at the beginning of the game. That is only achievable with a themed, location based setting. You don't get that anymore.

  23. Wait is this hinted at with the spirit gun? Did I miss a huge whoosh in my reading? Any examples. I truly can't think of any

  24. Not that I'm aware of. The only time we've seen ging use nen was when he mimics Leorio's hatsu.

  25. Ivankov would be ashamed of you

  26. Op definitely didn't make this with the idea of "specifically create a crew where the biological sex of all members is female, despite what gender they are." You're being purposefully obtuse to avoid revealing you're just a transphobe. Yamato uses he/him pronouns. Get over it.

  27. Emitted Nen entities cannot be seen by others. In Greed Island, Goreinu was capable of teleporting with black and white Goreinu. Teleportation, like Knov, is an emitter ability. We've seen multiple instances of Characters creating nen constructs like the Goreinu, Razor's 13 devils, etc. Razor is able to pump nen into, and combine the devils at will, altering their individual strengths. They are fluid, and lack strong details.

  28. I'm pretty sure Garp obliterates Akainu if his Haki is still like it was

  29. Easily bon clay. It's not even a question

  30. I'm glad we get to see Law's crew actually doing something.

  31. I still have no idea what the f laws awakening does besides make sword big and make room silent

  32. The basic advancement of the Awakening seems to allow him to create improved Rooms. For example, before, his rooms were explicitly spherical.

  33. Stone Ocean , the last part of the original series, finished in 2006, a whole year before I was born and before the DS. Steel Ball Run, Jojolion, and Jojolands are in alternate universes within Jojo. So yes, Jojo has finished.

  34. The previous universe is alluded to during the finale of part 8, implying a greater emphasis on it for part 9.

  35. It is my understanding that bringing in a tree was to give the Fae a place to live/rest in the dead of winter. And the milk, bread & sweets were for them. All to put you in their good graces. Or did I just read a fairy tale somewhere and confused my lore?

  36. The tree was a norse tradition of keeping something green within the home during the winter to remind you of the spring. Idk where the cookies and milk originated.

  37. It begins with childish charm, because the protagonist is the innocent, childish Gon, who has lived an idyllic rural life on Whale Island. The story gets darker as Gon is exposed to the reality of his world

  38. Wano is A tier for me, I think people who rate it lower are probably salty their head canons didn't happen.

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