1. What’s even worse is… someone will buy that

  2. you can report the post to the mods, because it does break gymsnark rules of appearance shaming

  3. They don’t typically gravitate meaning 1) their collection flopped last time and 2) I wouldn’t wear it so why would you.

  4. I unfollowed her years ago and forgot about her until I came across this sub

  5. can we report it to Nike so they’ll take it down or something ahaha I’ve seen them do it with sellers on Etsy

  6. Justin deleted all the comments saying that he and Ally cheated lol

  7. Probably. Glad I got the screenshot first lmao

  8. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Shirley temple= grenadine and sprite. Cherry limeade=sprite and cherry syrup. Gerenadine is pomegranate syrup 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. What she is using in that video is pretty much just high fructose corn syrup.

  10. She has a few pics or videos with other people, but my guess is that she just prefers not to post others or that they specifically requested not to be on her social media.

  11. Also why go out of your way to say my fiancé and I are still together??? Like you can go on vacation w/o your significant other???

  12. They probably didn't set enough stock aside for the launch and early access so now they'll do a pre-order that will be here by the fall, I guarantee it!

  13. She grows up in a very red, privileged part of Illinois. It would not surprise me but she is also extremely sheltered.

  14. Doesn't she lurk here?? Why not at the very least reconsider how fucking ugly her outfits are. I would have to be blackout drunk and getting dressed in the dark to go out looking like this

  15. Docta Britt, Bridgetkatefit, kiri fitness, Chloe g, Libby. It was refreshing to see some actually going to protests.

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