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  1. We'll have to wait until next week to witness the dramatic conclusion to this tragic saga

  2. I always saw it as Loki's and Sylvie's influence on the TVA as being the real catalyst. We see the the TVA essentially lay down their arms after the Time Keepers were found to be a sham and let these splinters reach the red line, the point of no return, and allow the multiverse to come into existence.

  3. HWR knew about that though. He likely would have had a contingency for it, had the Lokis agreed to be his successors. The only thing he didn’t know was the decision they were going to make.

  4. Hi Kaiwan! This piece was removed as I'm not sure if it is in the spirit of the sub. Try

  5. We really need a pokemon slice of life

  6. Great piece but had to take it down as it is the most upvoted post of all time.

  7. Hey Zewen cool piece, but not sure if this is in the spirit of the sub. Try

  8. Hi Epico! Pieces posted here typically require a subject or character. Try

  9. Pretty toxic up in this thread.

  10. Some of the criticism feels elitist, sure, but the point about prioritizing stats is valid. Having four maxed out engravings doesn't help an igniter sorceress out much if they don't have swiftness/crit and especially specialization spec'd out. There's a reason why OP isn't showing us their stats. Someone with a maxed out class engraving and one maxed out support engraving with proper stats will hit harder than OP. These types of posts just tell the less informed members of the community that yoloing stats is okay as long as you have engravings. With no stats, your engravings aren't boosting anything.

  11. No one said you shouldn't go for both. We can argue semantics but by "no stats", we all know I mean improperly allocated. I'm sure the guy has stats but they're definitely not focused on what he needs. Also, saying "Getting 1 or 2 level 3 engravings (compared to having them at 2) for 1 stat is a good tradeoff" is an incredibly disingenuous comparison since his other accessories which allowed him to have the first two levels are likely bad as well since it's nearly impossible for them not to be at a 15k price point. Engravings are absolutely important but stats should be a priority since getting a third and fourth engraving is significantly less important than making sure that you have stats that your first and second engravings are amplifying.

  12. I asked when they’d return, not if they would. It’s entirely plausible that they aren’t in Spidey 4, and it would probably be best for the story if they weren’t.

  13. I agree. The way things are set up, I think it's valid to think that we won't see much of them in the next one. Movie 5 and 6 is a different story.

  14. Thank you for your post, unfortunately it has been removed for the following reason(s):

  15. Lets go Andrew!! I'm so happy for this man T_T

  16. Cooking up food without measuring tools be like:

  17. It’s a long season. If you don’t own him, you capitalize and buy low. If you own him, you hold.

  18. Hi. Not sure if I’d classify this as a cityscape. Try

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