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  1. KD put up second all time numbers last year at 54% from mid-range. First all time? KD this year at 58% as of last week. I'm not saying KD is a better player but he absolutely has a case for scoring goat.

  2. DSJ is the sleeper flyer. Give my man 27 min and the reins to the second unit and he's cooking

  3. Sleeper fact is that he created the most chances for 3s three years in a row with the sixers. With shooters like KD, Kyrie, Joe, Seth, Patty and Royce, he fits perfectly as a facilitator for us.

  4. It's insane. A few years ago, we would've been calling for Ben's head. Now we're rooting for him against Jarrett Allen lol.

  5. Eyyo don't lump me in with y'all. I'm mad conflicted

  6. If you’re comfortably in the playoffs, you hold. He was a DPOY candidate last year so has a role locked but the Celts don’t need to rush him back.

  7. To be fair, it's quite a hard choice between the trio. Kyrie is the shitfest we all know. KD is a polarizing figure since the 2016 off season. Ben was unavailable due to reasons.

  8. That's what he's saying. Basically all our stars meet the criteria haha

  9. I mean, 19 boards is great obviously, but the rest of his line was pretty meh. The 2 steals are nice, but virtually everything else is below average.

  10. Which is fine cause he's the last guy on your bench. Getting 19 boards from a wing is huge.

  11. This isn't even the best part. The man is also averaging 2+ steals and 1+ block per game. In the entire league, there are only 2 players doing that. Him and Anthony Davis. Basically, he's amazing on offense and defense. Future MVP candidate if y'all can surround with the right talent.

  12. OG Anunoby is averaging 2.9 and 1.0.

  13. Like I said, it’s only AD and Shai that’s averaging 2 plus steals and 1 plus blocks specifically, with OG being in the elite group of like 5 players with at least 2 steals and 1 block. The decimal margins matter because these stats are very sparse. Note also that Shai is shooting 50% from the field on a team that’s consistently one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in the league. He’s basically finessing his way to buckets with literally no spacing.

  14. This build wrecks if you're playing with newer players especially because you can get away with picking a lot of not sexy names earlier than ADP, but doesn't work in savvy leagues. Its well known in my main league and is pretty much identifiable by the third round at which point, ppl will deliberately counter pick to stop it. On the money about steals. Good leagues will have steals pretty evenly distributed making it even more volatile.

  15. Shai might legit be a top 10 player this year

  16. He is 29/5/7/2/1 in his last 25 games. He’s the real deal.

  17. easy all star lock. also most unorthodox driving style ever. it’s like he’s walking to the basket.

  18. Spot on with his drives. Man just moves at his own pace and finesses his way to the rim. It’s unreal.

  19. What people don’t realize is Shai’s play style is severely hindered by the fact that the Thunder are the worst shooting team in the league. These are the stats of a top 10 player in the league and he’s doing it with a bad roster that doesn’t fit around him. He could easily be an MVP level player with some more spacing in a year or two.

  20. Additionally, averaging 2 steals and a block for a guard (or any type of player for that matter) is absolutely ludicrous. He’s easily the most underrated star in the league.

  21. Really wish McDaniels wasn't so hot and cold. After each solid stocks game this year he's followed it up with an 🥚.

  22. That’s just normal stock production. Mans was not gonna keep up 3 and 2. If he maintains 1.8 steals and 1.4 blocks per game, he’s a league winner assuming you picked him up off the waivers.

  23. Career high in assists in his 4th game. Brunson's him!!

  24. So after spending some time using the site a bit, I've got a couple of UI suggestions. The "Player Data, My Team, Trade Analyzer" row should float so there's no need to scroll up and down to switch tabs during a draft. Additionally, "My Team" should remain populated, even when a new tab is open so that someone with say a dual monitor setup can have both the "Player Data" and "My Team" window open at once on one screen, with the live draft on another.

  25. I love it. No one else has mentioned this yet - but I totally agree with these. Expect this to get added to the app thanks to your contribution. Cheers!

  26. We'll have to wait until next week to witness the dramatic conclusion to this tragic saga

  27. I always saw it as Loki's and Sylvie's influence on the TVA as being the real catalyst. We see the the TVA essentially lay down their arms after the Time Keepers were found to be a sham and let these splinters reach the red line, the point of no return, and allow the multiverse to come into existence.

  28. HWR knew about that though. He likely would have had a contingency for it, had the Lokis agreed to be his successors. The only thing he didn’t know was the decision they were going to make.

  29. Hi Kaiwan! This piece was removed as I'm not sure if it is in the spirit of the sub. Try

  30. We really need a pokemon slice of life

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