1. Absolutely - "Take the lane". I'm always amused by US bikers who seem to ride a foot inside the lane divider markings, and then have screaming tantrums when a car filters past them. We can't have this both ways.

  2. And then they try to tell you that you shouldn't ride straight in the middle because "that's where cars leave dirt". Bruh... 😐

  3. You know youre the protoganist when you dont wear a helmet.

  4. Then people complain about looters throwing rocks doing too much damage.

  5. In British Columbia they clip a walkie talkie onto a safety vest they give you, and give you instructions through that. It’s very easy to hear and you can also press a button to speak to them if you have to.

  6. Correct me if wrong, but at some point in history it WAS the biggest city.

  7. Mofo I understand the English part but not the Greek part, I tried googling the bottle but this exact one doesn't show up. That's why I asked for help here

  8. Literally all of the Greek parts that you show us have a translation right next to them.

  9. Question is why do you want a bigger monitor?

  10. Bigger display= more immersive it's pretty simple. I never heard of someone saying they wish they got a smaller monitor/tv. Usually the opposite.

  11. But at a lower res? Would that really be more immersive?

  12. Yeah, it just needed a 2.1L engine to be put in + turbocharger.

  13. Start the bike and put it in first gear. Keep two fingers on the front brake and stay on the bike's left side. Carefully use your clutch and throttle to help you get the bike going.

  14. My overall point is being able to physically handle a bike, a 200Kg+ A2 Bike is going to be hard to control regardless of what surface you're on if you struggle with 60kg less on uneven surfacing.

  15. Yeah lol no way in hell I’m gonna trade my car for it

  16. στο οτι δεν μπορεις να το παρεις γιατι θα περνεις παραπανω απο το οριο

  17. Dude, we've had this discussion before.

  18. I would say yes, heat rises, the top should should go up.

  19. Convection is a weak force. But yeah, the top does go up.

  20. The type you don't fuck with in 2204.

  21. Install the latest version of C++ after uninstalling all the previous ones.

  22. Ισχύουν τα πακέτα σου και οι χρεώσεις τους κανονικά, μιας και το Roaming εντός ΕΕ έχει σταματήσει να υπάρχει.

  23. The term 'motor vehicle' is defined in section 185(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and section 136(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as "a mechanically propelled vehicle, intended or adapted for use on roads".

  24. But it's not fully mechanically propelled.

  25. 5 empires sharing borders almost never happened you would sometimes see two, occasionally 3, and very rarely 4. it definitely never ruined the map and the border gore now is way worse.

  26. Before update 2.0 borders were dictated by planet ownership instead of star ownership. The sanctuary system is a rare system that starts with a complete ring world. in this case all 4 sections are owned by 4 different empires. a 5th empire also has a special space station in the system giving it a claim i believe. So 5 star nations share the system and nearby systems (since the nearby systems dont have planets of their own, they get absorbed into the borders depending on population/distance)

  27. I got Hoi 3 yesterday, crashed in the first 3 minutes of the game. I hate old paradox games.

  28. Consider yourself lucky that it even launched.

  29. Nobody is forcing you to update your game. Toggle automatic Steam updates off.

  30. Θα το κρατήσω για αρκετό καιρό, αφού ήταν του πατέρα μου και το θεωρούμε και οι δύο ιστορικό, οπότε είναι σημαντικό και για μένα και γι αυτόν.

  31. Αφού είναι ιστορικά σημαντικό, άστο όπως είναι.

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