1. Why do poodles get this rep they are like some of the kindest of the good boys who love everybody

  2. Doesn’t matter if you like it. Do it for them if they’re worth caring about. I be for real cramping and aching but I’m still in that pussy. Why? Cause I got respect that’s why

  3. What. That's insane. "Give oral even if you don't want to cause your partner likes it". How are people in this sub upvoting this?

  4. Do something nice for someone else even if it’s not personally your favorite thing? Unheard of. Not in this sub.

  5. I really hate to pull this card but if people were telling women to suck it up and suck their man's dick even if they don't like it, people would not be happy. How about just finding a compromise for something you both like in the bedroom instead of making sex uncomfortable for one of the parties?

  6. It’s been happening for a long time. When the sub was originally set up it was basically exclusively inhabited with anarchists and left-communists, but slowly liberal social democrats (and socdems/demsocs cosplaying as anarchists) became the dominant force in the community.

  7. Think a lot of it comes from a very shallow amount of material conditions influencing thinking. Life in the US is better than life in Russia via my lense of freedom and civil rights. Therefore, I should support the US aligned guys over the Russian aligned guys. Same shit happens on the political level too. Democrats promote a living standard more comfortable to me than Republicans so therefore I need to stand with them against any republican critiques. Its very much teamsport oriented because most people still try to view sides as being the good guy and the bad guy as if states have a d&d alignment rather than just being units for those in power.

  8. Buddy if you're on PC then just create a co-op lobby and you can play with up to 4 people. Not sure about shack but im sure there's something like it there

  9. It literally can't find a server. We sat for 20 minutes today and it just didn't

  10. Op why is your only other postn8 years old and ummmm. That

  11. Reported for misinformation. You think you're real slick huh

  12. Thr good is that it is cheap and has nice parks along with decent access to large cities around it. The bad is the city is dead, most buildings are abandoned, and nothing really ever happens. Everybody here is old so very little new stuff happens and most youth are looking to leave and never come back.

  13. Which one is that? The one where our QB threw 2 of the easiest picks ever against one of the greatest teams ever?

  14. The one where our qb indeed threw 2 magic picks to the same rookie who had never caught a pick in his life one of which there was nobody there and even the announcers said as much

  15. Ah yeah that conspiracy would make sense if that QB also didnt just flat out suck.

  16. Sucking doesnt make you throw balls to receivers that dont exist. And if he does suck that makes throwing the game all the more likely. If you are good why throw your career? If you suck why not take the dive money and run? The second int was just so obvious. Watch the clip. The announcers are confused. Read any articles. They all say the same thing. Who was he throwing to? Larry brown that's who.

  17. Guys stop. Trans people are allowed to post trans memes here as they are welcome to our community. If you don't like a meme just fucking downvote and move on. This sub was created with the intention of being apolitical and not allowing the fetishization of trans people. This meme does none of that. It's literally just a meme making fun of the high cost of bottom surgery. It even uses the template correctly so there is definately a "joke" here to all those whinning.

  18. Pointless waste of money. So yeah typical wv politics

  19. Ok so I made a one kinda similar to my idea (it’s Jimmy and Bowl Cut Carl standing next to Gus and the Pollos wall) but I made it on my phone but this community doesn’t allow images. Could I just post the photo and then you take it to use for the sub icon? It’s also on a recent comment I made on okbuddyreiner (sorry for all the extra baggage. I hope it’s not too much of a hassal)

  20. Realistically I don't think the US has the ability to have a capital R revolution right now. However, i do think ecological conditions will force the US to dither concide to demands or balkanized which then will lead to revolutionary action

  21. True but veganism does requires one or more of: respect for animal (and human) rights, a desire for systemic change, and environmentalism. None of those things are palatable for conservatives.

  22. That's not true. Some people don't eat meat cause it makes them feel sick. Others don't like the taste. You can be vegan for a million reasons

  23. Yeah I remember seeing that and being like this isn't funny and then I saw it again years later and was like this is still not funny.

  24. Assuming we're talking about something where someone is an active threat, you can be damn sure that the community is going to make sure that the danger is broadcast/announced to others.

  25. What's the real difference here? You say you want him to be exiled, and then all other communities will then be alerted and choose not to let the person in. That's just an indirect execution at that point.

  26. It got seized by tanks though. They were standing Mao. Not an anarchist space

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