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  1. In the summer between 6th and 7th grade (US), I got my finger in a joiner when helping my dad redo our flooring. I think I was 12 at the time, I’m 16 now. But looking back at the photos that my dad took in the ER is kinda scary to go back too. And for anyone curious, I did get to keep my finger, it’s a “little” scarred as expected. The only problem with its functionality is that the top joint or whatever it is doesn’t bend anymore because they had to fuse the two bones at the top together in order to not amuputate. If you have any questions or comments I’ll respond to all of them, you all have blessed days.

  2. How old is the monitor? Anything happen to it? Might be the monitor.

  3. It’s def not the monitor, it’s like a year old. When I uninstall the graphics drivers. Then it doesn’t happen, but when I reinstall them it shows back up



  6. Could do 1440p without an issue I'd think, a pretty solid mid range combo.

  7. Ok sounds good, I do have a 1440p monitor and the current pc I have can barely run destiny 2 at 40fps all low settings!

  8. Bro after you post this link i had no idea how long i have been there

  9. They make free ad blockers for phones

  10. Thank you so much kind sir (in the past I’ve always done 2 500x soul egg boosts 2 50x boosts and then 1 50x earnings boost, but idk if that’s better or not (ik it costs a lot more ge))

  11. This is the strat I used to multistege when I was around your level but note that it’s not the preferred way to do it. It’s a bit expensive since you’ll be boosting before you start and swapping stuff around mid run. It still works though.

  12. Thanks, I’ll be sure to look into some videos in that!

  13. I’ve been playing on and off since 2016

  14. There's a cave in the far left corner of the lake that can be reached by going on the left side. If there's nothing in it then you need to reload the game and it should be in that cave.

  15. Ok thank you, I’ll go try this out soon!

  16. I’m interested in joining

  17. I’m interested in joining

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