1. i know that screen shot, from Arc system guilty gear XRD presentation at gdc, I've researching their artstyle and trying to understand how to do the same in May for years!

  2. Yeah you're right I am very new to Maya but how did you know that?πŸ˜… I did watch basic tutorials of Maya and honestly I'm just a senior in high school on his road to graduation. and during college I'm going to be studying at 3D animation and I want to use Maya, but right now I've been gathering information and basic tutorials and I've been watching people remodel things using 2D references. But thanks.

  3. Watch a quick tutorial on youtube with "unwrapping tutorial maya beginner" in the search bar. Check if that was what you're looking for.

  4. why he want to commit suicide over a game is just a game.. you don't have to give him back his rank if you don't want to. if you want, rematch him again and show him how to play the game then make sure he never asks for that rank back again

  5. I was half joking, but a lot of women see that as being a derogatory term. I'm not sure how you would spot a strong person other than to look for someone who goes into things under the impression that they'll have to do them themselves, but that can also just be a response to bad experience in relying on others, so it's not foolproof.

  6. Did you read what I wrote? I don't like the song because it sounds as if it was written by a teenager. It's pretty awkward.

  7. Whooooooaaaaaaa first of all, the song is fire. Secondly I do respect your answer. But you really got to make a way for the king of Tekken

  8. Also, don't work out just to look like a "Chad" it's a terrible motivator. The willingness to get bigger comes from a place of self betterment. Of taking care of yourself. Gains CAN get women's attention, but if you're insecure it won't change who you are. You'll just be a giant crybaby

  9. You know what OG? You're right I'm going to do this to better myself I'm not doing this to get women's attention or none of that I'm going to become awesome this I'm going to get a body of Awesomeness just like get your Chad 😁 believe it! 😈

  10. Og please you got to teach me how to make models like that on Maya that is lit πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ is that you or something?! Cuz you is looking awesome. You got a YouTube channel please tell me what it is so I can follow you in so I can watch all your tutorials

  11. You can always sue him iif he doesn't want to take it to court, he'll be forced to give you the money then and on top of it he'll have to give you more money that'll be sweet for you 😁 you'll be rich out of your mind

  12. Ok. I understand now og. By the way are you a boy or a girl cuz I can hardly tell, your profiles says other wise, your names as your girl

  13. Bro what are you talking abt lmfao

  14. Literally spectacular Spider-Man and Spider-Man into the spider-verse were the best and ultimate Spider-Man

  15. There's no season 2, there's only 1 "season" because the story of tekken 3 "ends" pretty much like that, so making a 2 season i think would be impossible, if you think it will not make sense actually.

  16. Oh I thought it was season 2 because that other guy beside hehachi I thought that was kazuya

  17. Well yeah understable, it is actually Kazuya, even in the series they do show him a bit, because he is one of the "main" pgs, so yeah this is probably why they put him on the poster ofc, but nothing more than that haha.

  18. Why should it not be? Look at how people in prison train.

  19. I assumed this was just symbolic and you would pick weight you can actually carry

  20. So you were just insulting my intelligence because you were happy?

  21. No I was just annoyed the fact that so many people don't see Jin and kazuya as the Same character personalities,. Like they can't tell the difference.

  22. Gee, thanks for taking that out on me.

  23. No wait I apologize for not reading your postcorrectly you were just trying to figure out a reason why so many people will want kazuya to be the good guy instead of Jin. I was being a dumbass. But honestly I did have to go and correct a few people who couldn't tell Jin and kazuya apart. πŸ˜‚ But I guess that was not your issue you're just trying to figure out a reason. I'm sorry, I won't ask for forgiveness but I hope you can understand

  24. Bruh 🀣 what? He wants pants like Jin. But you got to be honest Jim knows what he does was wrong but at least he wants to atone for his sins. And besides I like his pants too I wonder where he got them from probably from Amazon πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  25. Yeah. Kazumi actually sounds preety close to Kazuya like Jun sounds like Jin. Not sure if that is a japanese tradition or just a tekken thing but their names sound very similar.

  26. Truueee. Hey yo I got a question if Jin went on a date with Xiao yu and since he doesn't really do well with dates, and if the devil Gene can be awakened through stress or anger or stress that can lead to being angry. because you don't know how to respond to it. Do you think? let's say if a waitress accidentally spilled I don't know lemon juice on Jin's suit or something like that, do you think Jin might rage out in front of the whole restaurant and the devil Gene will unleash by accident?πŸ˜‚

  27. If tekken 8 brings back proper endings like the old games then I can 100% see this happening as a joke in Xiaoyu's ending xD

  28. I'm not angry I just find it funny as fuck people can be so confidentially wrong about things lol

  29. Bro chill it's just a discussion what are you mad your literally getting pissed over a discussion over characters that are not real

  30. ^ this is why you cannot find a woman to date. This whole post is creepy and weird. You want to fight? Go take a boxing class.

  31. The heck? How is it weird? And creepy? you making no sense. Either you're a sensitive female or you lack clarity in yourself.

  32. I am working on myself I literally do the things that I like and that I'm happy about. Just when I feel like if I want to get married I just want to marry a strong female or fearsome one. Strong-willed one or the tomboy

  33. Ew. Calling someone cute for their age and acting like it matters is a sure sign of immaturity. I was only commenting because I hoped you would tell me that picture was you. Was hoping you would take a picture of you holding your Reddit username to prove it. Which I know you can't. I'm not sure what your deal is with these posts. You insist you're not a troll, so if you aren't I'm offering it now. If you want to be serious about lifting weight I can help. But I mean actually take lifting seriously. I try to help anyone on this sub so I'm offering if you want. Anyways cheers.

  34. When did I say that picture of that man was ever me? my question for this community was "how can I push myself to lift more heavier things than I usually can" just like that guy. And so I could be able to lift heavy objects like a car or motors or stuff like that. And I know that that's one of the factors that are going to make me become awesome.

  35. Simply adding more weight, reps or sets everytime you workout will allow you to lift more weight. That's regular hypertrophic progression. Say you squat three sets of 5 reps at 135lbs one week. Then next week you can try 140 for 3 sets of 5. Or add another set of five at the same weight. However you can get your body to push a little harder everytime you work out. That's how you do it.

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