1. I'm thinking of getting the dark phoenix 2 pack but it's gonna cost me 180 bucks. Idk if I should bite the bullet...I'll be eating grass and not financially recover 💀.

  2. You're gonna want a very fine drill if you'd like that to hold together longer. Drill out holes in both ends (very carefully), then snip a bit of paper clip to serve as a peg. Glue it together with the paper clip, which will give the glue a much larger surface area to hold.

  3. Literally the best way to fix snapped pieces, I do it with my Gunpla kits and works perfectly.

  4. Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, the helmet is removable. Insane work man!

  5. I dig the simplistic look (less is more) but I kinda wished it's not blue considering that colour is used for miracle type. Maybe it could be gold/purple/black idk.

  6. My only gripe is that the feet could have been left silver because the black kinda clashes

  7. Gosh this line of kits are so great. I built faiz, kabuto and build 3-4 years back and I lost the kits for some reasons. I recently got ryuki, fang joker and kuuga. Can't wait to get back to collecting them!

  8. I've been there and it sucks. I remember meeting up with the buyer and he asked me why I was selling it for darn cheap. I just told him I didn't want the figs anymore but in reality, I just needed funds badly :').

  9. If it's from China, I would just pass up on it. Most of the time, it's a bootleg or an authentic figure but with bad qc issues (defects)

  10. Kinda overpriced ,the paint on the abs is bad, and the red is not red is orange, if you don’t mind the problems, go ahead. It’s a fun figure to me.

  11. Now that you've mentioned it, the red does look odd. I kinda wished the figure came with the gun to justify the price. I guess I'll just wait for the price to drop. Thanks and cheers!

  12. I sold my black series boss and sev cos I realised how bad they are compared to the customs I've been seeing a lot recently. Now I'm starting to make my own custom delta squad.

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