I captured this unusual solar storm 4 Earths high.

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  1. I really hope he has scheduled breaks. Hate to think he's overworking himself.

  2. Ah, no I'm not sure which augments I have so I doubt it.

  3. By the way, one annoyance I've found (which seems to be more caused by my skill level than the game) are those flying drones in the planes of Eidolon that I can't kill. It seems like I can't hit them. It doesn't help that I am using the bow and am not yet skilled at playing shooters with a controller. Any advice?

  4. Even though you get introduced to the Plains pretty early, most of it is mid to end-game content. I would just complete Saya's Vigil and then go back to unlocking the rest of the map, finishing quests along the way.

  5. I'm glad you're enjoying it. My wife and I really enjoyed this show. We went in thinking it's an action show and were surprised how slow it was but we still ended up liking it. I look forward to your reactions to the other episodes.

  6. Another reason why BMI is an inaccurate way to measure health.

  7. I can only offer perspective on why I personally didn’t like it.

  8. I heard someone say that the reason the Multiverse exists in comics was so writers and artists could tell stories about killing superheroes without it ruining the main canon. But I do agree, it seemed specifically designed to give them the most horrifying deaths possible purely for the shock value.

  9. The entire time I was waiting for the storm eye to blink and then I realized what subreddit this was.

  10. It's weird how the older I get, the more I appreciate Kaidan's character more

  11. Except for the Chinese Government approved ending where the rebel decides all rebellion against government is bad and we should always trust in the government, and lets himself be killed by the soldiers.

  12. Oh absolutely. The more Chinese movies you see, the more you start to see the propaganda attached to them.

  13. Is that Women's Script circling the Radiant symbol?

  14. Yeah it spells out the first ideal... Please Reddit please don't ruin it and tell me it's a letter off or something

  15. I thought so! It looks amazing...and I'm not at all fluent in Women's Script so I couldn't tell you if it's wrong.

  16. Aang clearly tempered his personality over the years, and while he had a good heart, his duties as Avatar and desire to rebuild the air bending population made him a very flawed parent.

  17. That's one thing I really appreciated about LoK. It portrayed the Gaang as being human beings who were still capable of making mistakes.

  18. Looks so cool! How did you determine their orbital period?

  19. I'm pretty sure it's a scene from the Paragon Lost movie.

  20. I agree, he’s been there since the beginning but as a secret hiding in plain sight. I also think all the fight scenes that are blacked out in the first episode were also Jake. Marc doesn’t end up that bloody from fights, not to mention that whole driving section, since Jake’s main deal is being a driver…

  21. Why did Padme go for Anakin when Obi-Wan was right there? /s

  22. My wife and I also noticed that krogan's eyes are prey animal eyes. Probably makes sense if they evolved with Kalross in their backyard.

  23. Played with a DM who was making their own Critical Fumble table. I was playing an artificer who had just bought a Wand of the War Mage. Rolled a nat 1 on my first spell. Rolled on the critical fumble table. Rolled another nat 1. My Wand of the War Mage blew up.

  24. I think it's kind of all the feelings at once. The familiar instinct to check on her once she has her back turned, then remembering that she's apparently some kind of terrifying force of nature now - all with the emotion of their reunion still singing in Vi's heart, but mixed with the dread of realising her sister definitely isn't okay, which hasn't had time to properly sink in. One of the most emotionally intense moments in the show for sure.

  25. Mixed in with an unhealthy dose of "she's like this because of me."

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