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  1. Ikr, like why would people be heterosexual. How does it even work with a man and a woman? Like, which one is the girl and which one is the other girl? Who makes the uhaul reservation? It's unnatural, I tell you.

  2. Oh be nice, it's just a phase some kids go through. They get on the internet and hear about all these "straight" people's experiences. I think they do it for attention.

  3. Once I told my therapist I believe I have IS, but in that case I'm not an imposter, which mean I don't have IS, and that makes me effectively an imposter ...

  4. I do hate the whole ToMaTo iS a FrUiT narrative. It’s colloquially been a vegetable forever.

  5. Tomatoes are a fruit, but ketchup is a vegetable, that's what my board of education says.

  6. So many poor or middle class people scoffs at the idea of socialism. They believe capitalism is the only option and idolizes people like Musk. How do we shift this perception?

  7. Talk to people. The ruling class spends BILLIONS every year communicating their message to everybody. We need to outspend them, and since we can't do that with dollars, we need to do it with our own sweat and tongues.

  8. “Talk to people” by banning those in this sub that disagree. Yupp that’s the magic ticket.

  9. Feel free to open a Meta thread to complain about the moderation. I am not the Supreme Leader of

  10. Well that would be kinda annoying in a stealth game now would it? Like your on Miami and a guard sees you and the just starts shooting you. The AI is supposed to be predictable.

  11. Not any random guard, only the targets who are supposed to be trained hardasses that know what 47 looks like and are on guard for him coming for them.

  12. Did she say why? Because I could easily see this being a situation of someone thinking “well everyone’s a little bi” because of their own experiences or “sexuality is a choice” because she can “choose” to be attracted to women

  13. That was my favorite scene in Pirates of the Carribbean. I love that Barbossa and the rest of the crew came out in full lesbian regalia.

  14. TIL that "full lesbian regalia" means standard pirate garb, plus turning into a ghoulish skeleton under moonlight.

  15. Oooo! Thank you for the info. I assumed switch was generic for top and bottom. I didn't know there were specifications for top and bottom being vers and Dom and sub being switch. This whole time I've been vers without knowing it!

  16. As a vers switch, I can never remember which is which.

  17. 😅 I want to go to gay bar and to have badges like this, what tops’ should be?

  18. Even though I hate the concept/gate-keeping of being a “gold star lesbian,” I realized last week that as a trans woman who’s only been with women…I am one

  19. No you're not, the gatekeeping is part of the package. Don't associate yourself with them.

  20. I don’t even care about more primo gems. I just want more combat. Abyss is cool but it’s so quick.

  21. I dont think players like that are that rare, i sometimes run abyss with different partys cuz its fun even after i already 9 starred. I would take a few hero's wits as rewards idc. I just want to have more combat content cuz in my opinion the combat in genshin is so fucking fun, hence why its still my favorite game to this day, if only there was more to do.

  22. We're a vocal minority. Every time a developer posts numbers for their game, it's the same spread: the largest factor to what content gets played more is the rewards, not the difficulty, not how interesting or varied the content is.

  23. This is true, what the heck? I never realized

  24. That moment it takes you to pour the juice, walk across the kitchen, put the juice away, and walk back lets it warm up just a little bit. Cold drinks taste best at 36 degrees.

  25. Anime characters are also weirdly drawn, you just so happen to like the shape lol.

  26. Every time Winter Before Spring updates, I jumpscare at the first panel I scroll to with Hana's face. There's just something about her proportions that throws me off.

  27. at least you didnt make backups of your backups (hopefully) like my grandfather did with windows 3.1 and floppies.

  28. Somewhere in my parents' attic is a giant box of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego with both the original seven black 3.5" floppies and a "backup" set in very colorful disks.


  30. The "but, I'm a woman" response is meant to be softer and more open than something like "no", less a rejection and more a gentle clarification that the other person understands the homosexual implication of what they're saying. It's a yuri genre cliche at this point.

  31. This is why I browse the Adult Life tag on Dynasty Scans. If I read the phrase "but we're both girls" again I'm going to destroy a tectonic plate.

  32. There are people who acquire a significant portion of their food from hunting. Referring to your usual hunting grounds as "my hunting land" wouldn't be unusual, even if you don't actually own the land.

  33. I rarely drive because my only vehicle is also my tow vehicle. I don’t need my big truck to do anything but tow my 30’ trailer or haul landscaping materials usually but I’m not going to use an UBER to go grocery shopping either. I do try to let errands pile up then do a loop around town in the most efficient way but yes, I do use my big truck for it.

  34. I can assure you, you are not the people we're complaining about. We're talking about your neighbor who owns a pickup with four wheels on the rear axle and not a speck of dirt on the tires.

  35. Honestly, I would love to have a copy of MCP on my coffee table. I just don't know how to print it in a worker-friendly manner.

  36. I mean trans people are generally very accepting, and I like acceptance, don’t know if it’s to the point of a fetish, but it might be lol.

  37. I'm not saying they're attractive, I'm just saying if they gave me the time of day I would climb them like a tree.

  38. As if having a dick is all there is to male experience? These chasers are so dumb

  39. I mean, dicks are great and all, but I like guys because their curves are different. The dangly bits are an afterthought.

  40. What? You resist my charms? I'll have to get serious, then!

  41. That just means there's more room for a crossover with

  42. Thor meme saying, "Are they, though?"

  43. I hate to be the party pooper, but people are allowed to be straight.

  44. I've got a push broom, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner. Take your pick.

  45. A LOT of pearl diving, on the other hand...

  46. I did not expect to be the first one wanting to be the vampire, but here we are. Step into my parlor, ladies.

  47. Yea, but what about space exploration lesbians? This but in space 🥺

  48. Gucci = good, for anyone else that might be confused. But yeah you do you.

  49. Holy carp, I haven't heard "Gucci" as an adjective in decades.

  50. Yep. I went to college in the early 00's and people were definitely using it then. I want to say it started in the late 90s, but I wasn't "in touch" enough to confirm that.

  51. Me trying not to call everyone on this subreddit gay (I have a horrible sense of humor)

  52. Screw that, we have a tradition around here to always call OP's shenanigans gay.

  53. Do we know what the power usage is compared to using sorters to move stuff around?

  54. They work like logi drones, where the dock has a stored charge and power usage depends on the length of the trip. The charge limit is a little over 1 MW and it's easy to set up loops that are power-limited rather than drone-movement-speed limited. It's always going to be quite a bit more power than belting stuff around.

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