1. I have that Zavala figure, only complaint is the texture of the plastic but that’s a McFarlane thing as a whole

  2. /uj only game I’ve ever played in Japanese was nier automata because that’s what it was in originally

  3. Chimera haven’t taken a W in a hot minute

  4. Renzo, i think thunder and the drift clone look cool and I couldn’t care less for the others in the slightest

  5. My lobbies have gotten more retarded since cross play so it seems like a pc thing

  6. Very amazing looks however I am noticing a lack of a scout helmet

  7. A little salty but how does fucking Anne frank Marco Polo get to stay but “Child Kicker” was too inappropriate for destiny

  8. /uj you know Bungies really fucked yo with even DCJ is saying bungie wrong

  9. Have these bundles ever been 4000 vbucks? Is it not illegal to say somethings on sale when it’s never actually been the original price they say it was?

  10. I agree with the ace card dude, I want it so bad

  11. No hope for master chief soon since there’s a lot of games getting featured, not complaining about getting Leon though

  12. Can't finish the whole battlepass in a week rip

  13. Might be longer though, I’m just saying it’s gonna be at least a week

  14. Thats the face of a Hunter who no longer gives a damn. Jesus Christ.

  15. This was during iron banner last season, I gave up on caring about winning and just wanted to sweet business 6 stack

  16. Everybody so obsessed with the helmet nobody notices pumpkin forgot their gun.

  17. I promise you I had sweet business on

  18. I was assuming dry was meaning less content and wet meant more. With dark meaning deep lore and light meaning less lore. Doesn’t make sense with deep stone crypt since it has a good amount of content

  19. This is the take we see every time a non-lightbearer character gets even the slightest bit of character development.

  20. To be fair though she has a lot of dialogue about guardians, not being able to choose who gets resurrected and whatnot this season, as well as she’s no longer a vendor

  21. Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn’t have to much to say

  22. Honestly I disagree solely because it’s funny when people go to my character and go “… why do you have a master worked green ghost”

  23. You think they’ll tune it? LMAO you’re Brian dead if you think that. Look at how they released Tiandi valk and Jorm. Seems you lack the critical thinking here

  24. They’ve missed the mark on what, 2? Out of how many testing grounds reworks?

  25. I mean it is, out of every dumbass take on balancing ive seen on this subreddit alot of them were Lawbringers. Hes the "cant do no wrong character."

  26. I genuinely See like 2 shit “buff Lawbringer” takes every blue moon, the ratio of annoying Lawbringers and the people complaining about these people are 100:1

  27. It's funny that all the complaints I've seen are about the Katana. When I feel that this gun in particular might be a tad bit overtuned XD

  28. Nothing about the cobra dmr, I’m deleting people and getting deleted by it like instantly

  29. Yeah but I mean if I try to walk out of Walmart with a tv and not paying I get banned from Walmart whereas if I watch Harry Potter on my laptop for free I get to watch Harry Potter for free

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