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  1. Depending on how chill your local smokeshops are... They may be okay with swapping your old coils out for the new coils of whatever your next device uses. (local shop has done it for me b4)

  2. More than likely implying that the amount of gold Pokéstops that spawn on the map will be reduced to smaller amounts and more spread out.

  3. Vecna has taken control of him... It's too late! Noooooo!!!

  4. Still doesn't work for me... Nice to see Niantic has acknowledged it, but how fast will they get to this before its too late? 🤔

  5. Today I learned trying to transfer 385 mons can freeze your game. 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

  6. Beautifully done!!! Great tattoo, I love it!! 👏

  7. Charlie would be proud!!! Congratulations on the finds! 🎊

  8. So I'm not the only one having trouble finding him??? 😅

  9. 420CP on 7/10 day!!! Ayyeeee 😎 🎉

  10. Sweet, they've removed the friends list feature.... (Can't access it now since update)

  11. Probably just a coincidence in timing. This is usually a temporary server side issue that goes away after awhile and is not client version dependent.

  12. Yes thankfully it was! 🙌 😂 It's gone now!

  13. Zackca86 and LemonBreeze420 have added you to join!

  14. Zackca86 and LemonBreeze420 have added you to join the raid! I'll be online and ready! 🤘

  15. As long as you have purchased floor 50 and have it empty, it counts! It doesn't have to be a completed floor with a functioning store/apartment to count! 👍 Once you rebuild with 50 floors, you will get the ticket once you restart and complete your tutorial again!

  16. Congratulations on the rare find!!! A taste of the good ol days... 😂

  17. Congratulations on the shiny find!!! We share the same birthday... Yayyy!!! Happy birthday!! 🎂 🎉

  18. Save for the event when you can evolve regular guy into Alolan Marowak! It'd be a shiny shadow form! Very rare! 🤘

  19. You're not going crazy... I just realized this last week myself! So freaking excited to use it. 😂

  20. Most respectable shops will ask you to try them directly after the purchase just to make sure you don't have a dud or one that has burst or leaked from shipping. It helps cut down on those awkward interactions of a customer coming back later after a sale and trying to exchange one later on down the line. (It's a lot easier to prove you bought it from them directly then and there at point of purchase to test and exchange)

  21. Pink & Blue from The Hype, or Sweet Tooth from Bad Drip for a more potent flavor. Pink & Blue hits a little more dry, but goes well with the cotton candy flavor!

  22. Season of Legends can finally be completed... 🙌 Right there with ya. 😅

  23. I'm so sorry... I hope you can find one via trade if you don't want to wait another year. 😭

  24. So beyond ready... The last and final research to finish up. 😭

  25. Yes indeed they are! V8 Babybeast coils and Vaporesso GTCores.

  26. wait really? and they last longer? which of the 2 do you recommend? we're talking about the z coils right?

  27. The Cerberus tank from Geekvape can take three different coils. Out of the 3 it can take the ones that seem to last the longest have been the V8 Babybeast mesh coils. The quality of the Geekvape coils hasn't been the greatest from customer feedback and our shop crew having using that specific tank in years past, myself included. The third coil that can be used is the Vaporesso GTCores which are made with kanthal, which burn slightly quicker, and offer a slightly different flavor production. Overall from what we've found Smok's V8 coils are the best bang for your buck for coming in a 5pack. (IMO)

  28. PBLS from Glas Basix is a great contender for you! Cereal, cream, vanilla and macaron. Omits the citrusy portion you'll find in pretty much every other brand out there.

  29. Killer Kustard from Vapetasia is a great contender! Very popular seller at the shop I work at.

  30. The brand is Bad Drip! One of their varying flavors.

  31. Of course, happy to help! 😊

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