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  1. Bruh don't you feel bad about the other homies not getting smashed have some heart

  2. Bruh all the male characters are still male they just made female skins for them with female sounds but for some reason they didn't give the females male skins the hell also they did my boys dirty

  3. Gambling is fun in games well also your the werewolf too who gambles and gambling is also fun in general

  4. Yay I did it I did it but NOW it's time to sacrifice but since it's soulknight it be won't that graphic

  5. Yes praise Obi Wan Kenobi and a moment of silence for his great mentor Qui Gon Jinn

  6. Well doing this shit don't help, it just makes you sound like an attention seeking troll. If you have any friends then try talking to them, if they are real friends then they'll listen. Just talk to someone, if your family members aren't ass holes they'll listen. You can be the most introverted person in the world, but you'll have someone to talk to. Like I said, you can be the weirdest, most awkward person in world, but if you don't like yourself, then don't expect other people to like you. I used to be like you, I used to be an introverted wierdo, then I learned what I was doing that made me wierd and learned to live with it and I eventually grew out of it.

  7. First off I don't actually like attention because I don't get that much attention and I only post this stuff to get it off my chest Second off I lost all my friends back in school third off I guess I have the power to piss people off without trying

  8. There's subs for getting stuff off your chest, your original comment was clearly for attention or you wouldn't have posted it whether you realise it or not. You sound young still, shit will get better, alot of people dont have any friends from school, as people move on, we live our lives and make new friends. We ain't pissed off, you just commented something that was just a sad plee for attention, again there's subs for that, so go there. I ain't your therapist so I cba to keep replying.

  9. Jesus Christ sorry ok I'll leave so long goodbye but maybe if you didn't reply I could have continued on to look at other shit but I guess I could keep reply too but I'm a man I keep feelings in because if I don't I will cry the when I cry my chest just starts to hurt but if you don't reply I leave this behind but do note that I look at

  10. My cousin has Instagram and his life isn't perfect my dad has reddit and he didn't do anything like that but my mother has Facebook and she does have a okay life

  11. I've only seen stranger things and breaking bad I've only heard of game of thrones

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