1. I'll consider offers but mainly just looking for the handmade.

  2. Tattered field jacket, wrap-around goggles, surgical mask. Looks clean AF and better than both the other gas masks.

  3. Qe25 handmade 100 small guns bubbleheads

  4. Thx appreciate it! Would like the mask to be slightly darker but those goggles definitely are meant for the outfit lol

  5. I know it'll change the look slightly but have you thought of the black Skull patterned bandana as a facial covering for that extra darkness?

  6. Can't wear it with wrapped Capp none of the bandanas work.

  7. FDC is definitely the worst hit of all for a main character in my opinion. I went from like 185 weight to over 450 with just an average amount of aid/food and I have 4 FDC pieces... Literally forced me to switch to chemist backpack and basically drop all my food and starve for the time being.. 😂

  8. Well I don't agree that it should be 5 hits, it definitely needs to be adjusted or addressed in some way I should literally NEVER lose the fight when I lay 2 body shots with a pistol and a melee but double melee beats it and kills me.

  9. Just shows you who is on your team. Also didn't know you could have a great rune equiped.

  10. Ohhh ok I was like am I getting a buff for performing well or something? Lol I don't think it's actually equipped I think it's just there visually I didn't use rune arc before entering or anything.

  11. LOL that would be wild mid combat, I am still curious what this yellow aura buff thing I have above my head in arena is.. If anyone is aware I would love to know lol

  12. Why does your adulas moon blade take that long to cast? I have it quicker in thought

  13. I'm RL 125 to stay within meta, this clip was from a few patche ago. I just got minimum requirements for moonlight GS and don't run radagon icon

  14. Preparing to gank me from what I can tell lmao. And here I was trying to be honorable.. 😂

  15. Yeah I got zoomies still not working very odd.. I just did defiled Amy yesterday too.

  16. Password? Want me to ring at fog or lamp?

  17. Damn my boi Logarius really don't get any love... :( I found his fight and the rooftop arena to be a great change of style from all the physical based bosses. He really shows you what a true arcane boss is and is a fair bit of a challenge when solo.

  18. Yes I do. I'm struggling with lower level pthumerien chalice level 4 boss. Bloodletting beast

  19. Not 100% if I got it unlocked I'll come check though, what's pass?

  20. We did. Thanks for the help. Don't think we'd have had him without you

  21. Np good job yeah I underestimated the slam a bit lmao

  22. I'm available if needed. Just helped previous poster first run with lta.

  23. I'll take all the help I can get, thank you

  24. Ok I'll come check if you are within my lowest summon range. Omw.

  25. 10 more boards, took 3 more shots, and made 8 more of those, also could be wrong here but any time me n my homies have the whole other team leave we let the last guy go crazy and don’t play d, that way they stay in and we still get badge points and progression, find a big or a reliable 1 to run with

  26. I was by myself bruh the other dude was not my buddy the ppl who left were bad too.. I had to drop these points on all user players. The dude on the other team with 30+ just did a step back 3 on the ai over and over.. I had to earn everything in this match and literally still get blown out. Skill based matching just benefits everyone and better AI is just a necessity..

  27. Didn’t say it was your buddy, that’s why I said find one then you won’t have to complain about randoms or the matchmaking that isn’t changing, and if you really can’t then go to the randoms courts in park

  28. And like I said it was early in the AM, I didn't have other people online but REGARDLESS if they had 1. Skill based matchmaking and 2. Better AI, it solves the problem for everyone completely whether people quit or not, and you don't constantly have to dodge until you find a safe competent looking team..

  29. It's another diming 3 level liability, thought it was a rare breed but I guess not. 😂

  30. Diming 3 level liability very unique breed 😂

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