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  1. Most of the guilty gear fan base is at least cool with Testament and Bridget

  2. Almost definitely more updates maybe a few new characters

  3. You’re playing ui and they superdashed full screen you had plenty of time to react and could have done

  4. How does one do this? I can’t buffer 669 before the character hits the ground I don’t have enough time

  5. You can buffer the 669 as the medium is hitting and it will come out as you hit the ground

  6. You know he doesn't know shit about BNBs or Jump cancelling the way he thinks doing an overhead into 2H then the classic ole vanish into dragon rush and super.

  7. He’s just a new player trying to learn. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

  8. Arcane sherif, I didn’t play when it came out and I love arcane

  9. I never thought gogeta had sauce until now

  10. It was either valk or royal delivery

  11. nice! but as a viper main as well, one tip I can give is to wait a couple more seconds before throwing the second molly to get the full stall

  12. Thanks, I’m kind of new to viper so this really helps

  13. I think like 5-10 terraria days, not sure the exact time

  14. Okay yeah personally I'd remove some of the dirt on the roof to the right of the gemcorn and see if that helps because unless you have like 10+ trees planted somewhere else it should grow

  15. Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, I must have missed the notification. Goya is a dark orange

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