1. Grimmjow and either As Nodt or Askin.. As Nodt cuz he probably has one of the coolest looking forms (Tartar foras) and Askin cuz he has one of the coolest abilities as well as his personality

  2. Well Gin said himself that it's not his KS that makes him terrifying it's just how naturally powerful he is that strikes fear into people so I think he could beat most if not all the captains besides maybe Yamamoto and some of the zero division

  3. I'mma be honest.. I think Aizen could probably beat Yhwach even with his Almighty.. Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu works on him and he is completely immortal so he can never really lose and we know he just passively gains power over time because of how much stronger he got while sealed to the chair so he could just eventually surpass Yhwach in strength and power.. the only weakness would be sealing him.. which if he is constantly using Kyoka Suigetsu then it will be hard to seal him.. I could be wrong tho

  4. "With great power comes that absolute certainty that you'll become a right cunt" -Butcher

  5. All EGA's are the same. The 0311's tell us we're all pussies, and we call them retards. It's the natural cycle of the earth.

  6. We live in peace time so as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter if your an 0311 or and 0111.. we're all POG's

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