1. I wish I could give the Kooleen vibes I love her sm 😭 but thank you!! 🥹🥹🥹 I went for the solid black hair cus there’s so much going on already ya know

  2. I think it has that vibe going already. She was definitely the second thing to pop up in my mind when I saw the art. First thought was about the art being good ^^.

  3. Was burnt out of drawing for 6 long months. I still browsed this subreddit often, and when I came across

  4. Wow nice man! I’m glad I could help you out. It’s been a grind for me as well. And definitely frustrating when you get stuck in plateau. I’m sure that break helped a lot. I know I had to take one a couple month back.

  5. I’m glad you were able to find the post. Thank you for your kind words. You post really frequently and that really made me want to do better. You are really good and I imagine at that pace, you’ll be a pro in no time.

  6. I have considered it, but I don’t have a guaranteed way of making money at the moment, so I wouldn’t be able to provide a date to pay back.

  7. I'm afraid that I can't help financially, but I do have a recommendation: Have you looked into rental assistance?

  8. Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately I have tried to get the help of Centrelink, but it’s been really difficult to get their cooperation for my claim.

  9. Sure thing. If you’re happy to do 1 on 1 drawing sessions on discord, I’d be keen to do that. Just throw me your discord via a dm and I’ll add you.

  10. Ok, I fixed the issue. The issue is due to scaling in Photoshop 2020. You have 3 fixes available to you. Upgrade or downgrade to 2019 or 2021, Use a 1920x1080 or 4k monitor. Or 3rd, change the scale and layout to 100% in display settings.

  11. The size. Even at the largest thumbnail size, the thumbnail is shrunk down with a thin black border.

  12. Maybe in the future sell the items 50$ at a time or something so you’ll only be scammed for 50$ max. What is the logic behind sending 550$ worth of items at once to a middleman the scammer basically picked out themselves, also how were middlemen even rated in this community did you look at ratings or past trades or anything? Im sorry but you’ll be easily parted with your money again if you don’t dig into details when dealing with other people who might not be trustworthy.

  13. Yes, I was looking through the middle man details on the facebook group. At surface, it was ok. Only when looking into all his friends, etc, did it become more obvious. I was also very desperate, because I have a bill due on the 6th. In the end, I only dug myself deeper.

  14. I'm sorry that happened to you... Watch out for !recovery scammers.

  15. I have no more money to give them, so I wouldn't make much of a target at this point. Thank you for warning me though.

  16. Heres the photos of the entire thing, excluding the discord which is just a general back and forth on what he's buying,.

  17. Does anyone else keep getting stuck when using "skip battle"? I'm always end up having to restart the game to get the battle to finish.

  18. I have had it happen twice in the exact scenario. Both times, I attacked an enemy, failed. Then that same enemy advances on to my second squad. This would cause the issue for me. Is it by any chance the same with you?

  19. None of my battles failed, once I restart the game it clears with S rank and prior to just letting it sit for 3-5 minutes. So I don't really have a cause. It dose not seem to affect the challenges either (clear stage within 320 sec).

  20. did this only start with the recent update?

  21. One of the most unmemorable characters.

  22. Thank you! Was treating this subreddit as a minefield, and my visits have reduced a lot in order to reduce the risk of being spoiled.

  23. I wanted to try playing this game but on my phone it would crash so frequent that I couldn't play it so I installed waydroid (android emulation kind of thing for linux) but I can't get the game to even install. What should I do?

  24. Note 4, android 11 custom rom, rooted. Technical issues megathread says put the game to the adblocks whitelist but even when I don't have an AdBlock it keeps crashing.

  25. according to this reddit post, it seems like waydroid isn't capable of playing games?

  26. I like having teams in games that have some sort of theme. In this games case, having two students from the same school in the same team. I want to run Wakamo, Izuna, Hina who else should I choose?

  27. Ako. Ako and Hina for lore reasons.

  28. Can someone explain how to level up my characters past certain levels? I don't quite understand because right now for some reason i can only level up my characters one level at a time even though i still have lot of resources. For example right now, i can only level up my characters from 12 to 13 before there's somekind of cap that prevent me to use the exp book further.

  29. The character is capped based on your sensei level(account level).

  30. Went there for a holiday this Jan. Most sociable and friendly people I've met. Also, the nature and landscape is quite amazing too.

  31. I'd be happy enough with it being a more serious tone or lighthearted with fanservice. I just worry that the fanservice route might lead to issues with cancel culture one day. And if cancel culture ever gets bad enough, we might get some unwanted changes again.

  32. I pulled for Aris and ended up with 120 recruitment points. I already have C.Shiroko, but is Aru or Saori worth continuing pulls for the spark if I’m more than halfway there?

  33. Aru is good but she's farmable. Saori is a good red dps.

  34. aside from normal shop and events? nothing notable, daily/weekly task give a few but that's it.

  35. spare equipment can be used as enhancing material. So if you have spare AP, you can farm more equipment to use to enhance equips.

  36. Usually a 1.5 Anni or 2nd Anni is best to reroll for since there's a higher rate of 3 stars.

  37. I think he’s asking about the currently available banners. If that’s the case, he should pull on regular banner for the slightly higher chance of getting iori and ako.

  38. not really. You get equipment also when you do hard nodes, so you get equipment at the same time. You get equipment regardless of whether you're running event(sometimes), hard, or normal.

  39. I forgot that hard mode gives equipments, so that’s my mistake. However, I’d disagree that elephs and equipment are equal.

  40. np, it's just a difference in perceived value.

  41. that's completely fair, I'm definitely not as experienced as you, so there's quite possibly factors that I'm missing. Especially if you're keeping up somewhat competitively. What you're saying also made me consider the possibility of UE above 50 that may release in the future, which might change my perspective on things.

  42. Game runs slower after updating. Load screens are twice as long, but haven’t gotten any crashes yet.

  43. The data patch fixed it. It now says princess!

  44. https://imgur.com/a/MdBau4W

  45. Do identical sub skills stack? Such as Ako + hibiki?

  46. You aint doing that my guy. You need over 7k ap for this.

  47. Yea, but do I keep farming it so I can buy the remaining elephs for UE50? Or do I leave it at UE40?

  48. Ue50 is simply overkill. You absolutely dont need that much. However if you have farmed everything else needed and bought the shop items, then farming her shards also helps in getting credits.

  49. Ok, thanks for that. It’s difficult to find any resources on what UE to go for on students, so I wasn’t too sure.

  50. Not to mention she’ll be attainable on Mika banner too.

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