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  1. Poor killer mains getting downvoted to oblivion for having an opinion. If tunneling works then ofc it’s gonna happen. It can be smart to do so because 1 less survivor = less pressure.

  2. You’re going to love and hate it more than any souls game. prepare for masochism! and hurrah for chest!

  3. Then you contradict the logic in your original comment about overpopulation if we stopped eating cows

  4. If you really read my comment and comprehended it then you would know i’m talking about overpopulation from predators. Such as wolves, snakes, and bears; their populations would increase

  5. Does it not work out the same though whether or not it's from an influx of cows due to not eating them or from lab grown meat? You're inconsistent in your position

  6. I’m getting the feeling you think your making a point here but you’re not. These animals aren’t made to survive in the wild. They are made to be turned into food. Not like I had anything to do with it. I eat meat because it’s protein and we are omnivorous. If it really bothers you than actually take action instead of boycotting meat which won’t make a difference besides an animals life being wasted. Not possible to convince the entire world why you shouldn’t eat meat when it’s heavily profitable and over billions of people eat meat.

  7. if it’s really off meta then clash royale matchmaking is rigged. No way 4 times in a i face the same archetype deck that’s off meta

  8. No, not at all. Just like wizard, it's good, but shit compared to other cards similar like royal giant and gob giant

  9. nah you must be under challenger one or something if you think GOB giant is better than giant. But maybe gob giant is underrated or still complete dog water. I’m just assuming because i’ve never heard that from anyone

  10. Pekka BS the deck is so stupid that the name even agrees Pekka BS = Pekka bullshit

  11. “Oh no! your Penis+ subscription has expired! Tracking your current location to begin the penis removal process. And remember! Resisting will lead to a ban of renewal and automatically opts you out of choosing to be under anesthesia during the penis removal surgery. Thank you for your cooperation!”

  12. Oh, my bad. I reckon owning all that property gives you the right to scold people for posting about South Carolina on the South Carolina subreddit

  13. You didn’t read my comment. only the first 2 sentences. I didn’t scold you about posting about SC. I scolded you for rather having ignorance about the topic instead of educating yourself about the damages caused by Ian on other places

  14. This is the South Carolina subreddit, dude

  15. Ok and? So you just don’t care about fort myers and just pay attention to SC? No need to get mad about mentions of other damages. But millions of people were without power and homes were destroyed and even flooded up to homes rooftop. But you would rather ignore it because it’s

  16. Shut up bitch, bullying someone who’s short is idiotic

  17. Why he beat tf outta you? Are you sure it's your cat?

  18. Yea I adore DS2 but you really do have to take your time and make good use of life gems. If you like the fast action of DS3 and BB (I love them all) then that’s fair enough but some of the reasons people give to hate DS2 are just made up.

  19. yup. because if you have a negative opinion on DS2 it’s apparently made up. Not everyone prefers a certain game. All souls games have their flaws and upsides.

  20. Well, as far as Dark Souls games go, you can't deny that Dark Souls 2 is objectively the worst of the three, by level design, lore consistency and overall difficulty balance. I love it to bits, mind you, but let's be real

  21. tf you mean? DS2 has the best lore but the difficulty consistency is what is bad. But the level design isn’t that bad either

  22. This sub is filled with butthurt survivor mains like you lol stop acting like supporting a camping Bubba is a popular opinion

  23. one thing i do know is that you are too slow to figure out he’s obviously trolling you and you are wasting your time. Have a good day

  24. Now I can't stop imagine Hitler as a German woman which is a Karen and hates jews

  25. Let me guess. You never touched reddit for only a week and magically got skinnier, Muscular, less awkward, and your neckbeard disappeared. Then you got a gf and came back to reddit to show us this rare event of a redditor who has a gf?

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