1. Yukimasa Aida vs The Oni (The House in Fata Morgana vs Dead by Daylight)

  2. Okay, objectively Kenjaku vs Makima is fine but I do not see how it’s “objectively” better. A lot of its qualities can and do fit for Gojo as well.

  3. Yes, but in this case it’s true. I know the person who made that document as I’m on a couple of servers with him. And I really does know both series well.

  4. I’d still say it’s vague. For example, the “contrasting relationships with the protagonist” bit. It says that Makima is ambivalent while Gojo cares about them, which doesn’t feel like a contrast to me as much as them just being different. To me a contrast is meant to be almost a polar opposite, such as if one character hates the protagonist while the other cares for them. Ambivalence vs compassion doesn’t feel like a strong concrete contrast to me.

  5. Really good, it’s extremely thematic and has stellar animation potential. The only real issue it has is that it’s a stomp.

  6. Maybe it's the Vibe? Also from what I know, Tooru just sort of wins. There's not that much fanfare and it just feels weird

  7. Been voting for this one since like, 2 weeks ago. Really hope it gets in one day

  8. Springtrap vs Midori (Five Nights at Freddy’s vs Your Turn To Die)

  9. It’s a pretty decent MU. It had good thematics and the potential to be one of the most unique episodes in the history of the show. However, my general distaste toward original vs inspired MUs and the existence of better options for both characters does hold it back a bit in my eyes.

  10. Nixon wasn't directly inspired actually, when making nixonverse alex unknowingly made some references to manhattan but he didn't realised it after making nioxnverse but he went with it anyway

  11. Wasn’t Nixon sitting on the moon a direct reference to a Watchmen panel?

  12. It’s very nice to see that this MU has been surging in popularity lately.

  13. I’m not familiar enough with the scaling of the characters involved to have a strong opinion one way or the other.

  14. I’d like to encourage everyone to support Zero vs Shadow. It’s been getting unfairly downvoted and the person promoting it has been doing so since day one, it deserves to win.

  15. Jolyne Cujoh vs Saiga Riki-Oh (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vs Riki-Oh)

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