1. What armor is that? You look fly my man

  2. The addition of skeletons and cats makes instantly any place a hundred times cozier!

  3. Then thank you for being one of the best dlcs: the music, the scenery, the armor and weapons, the roleplay experience, the characters… 10/10

  4. Where are those famous tapas and siesta I keep hearing about?

  5. And the name of the group is “Full circle”

  6. Congratulations on having discovered one of the most profitable things to do! If you’ve got no interest in being friends with Cathai and one of the caravans is whiting your reach, attack. Mad cash and low number of soldiers is always worth it!

  7. I do! It’s going to be a blessing now that winter is upon us and I can play AND be snug/keep warm. Assembling and disassembling is annoying, but hey-ho, lol.

  8. Honestly, I’m a little envious of you right now haha watching a film or playing from your comfy bed while snuggling sounds like a fantastic time.

  9. So that’s what it means to be an assman

  10. Dem paws and eyes. What a beautiful kitten you’ve got there!

  11. That’s a game mechanic of the Khorne factions where they start, literally, to engage their own troops in battle to gain more skulls: thus, the units making that army start to slowly die.

  12. This happened to you, OP? Someone got mad because you corrected them?

  13. Plug outlet face with bunny ears speaks the truth

  14. Skull on the altar. Now you have the password for the door to the woods

  15. Down the stairs, back to the big plaza where those two giants roam around. Go right and you should go through and archway, more stairs leading down towards a closed door.

  16. Funny? I think the more important question is: it’s morally acceptable or not? And that would be a big nope for me.

  17. Looks like someone gave you some free Halloween decorations!

  18. The presentation alone is superb! I hope it really tastes as good as it looks like.

  19. Why are there coins around? Do people really toss coins like that? Sounds very disrespectful to me

  20. Hahaha sorry, I just noticed this comment of yours as I was writing my own. Thanks a lot for answering my question! I’m not american, so I had no idea this was a custom, glad to know now!

  21. Hey, that could go nicely with the coffee I’m currently taking so don’t mind if I do!

  22. Cause you are the primarch that needs a hug the most

  23. Amsterdam is overrated. Go to the south for a better experience.

  24. I personally found it to be a beautiful city! The canals, the old constructions, the avant-garde museums, the Keukenhof park was delightful… I had a blast when I was there.

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