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  1. Osa from Rainbow Six Siege please 😳😳

  2. Osa because she's usefull and pretty much a good operator to have in your team Mozzie cause funny short Australian

  3. Yellow with black dots, just like a banana

  4. YEAH💀💀 that was so fucking embarrassing dude I thought people would cheer like they did for literally everyone else who yelled something but noooo they didn’t and then I nearly cried LMAO

  5. At least you had your main character moment haha, but fr I was pretty cool to say it like that

  6. Google up Ava Max hairstyle, I think it's pretty close haha

  7. Naming him Robort (more fitting form of Robert) would be awesome

  8. The best part begins when they realise the female character is a minor

  9. I got sad because I never did this with my dad's shoes, then I realised that I don't even have a dad

  10. Pretty much the same but I skateboard sometimes too, If I'm not at home I'm at the local ghetto skatepark hanging out with my friends and partying (sometimes a little too hard 😬) but for the most part I like to spend my time learning new things and exploring what it means to be human through new experiences, spending time with my family and friends.

  11. You seem like a really nice person to be honest! I've been thinking about buying a skateboard for a long time. I'm just too anxious to skate alone, same thing with going on walks. If it comes to youtube videos - we have the same taste lol I use a big portion of my time for my own universe and characters in it. It's pretty fun ngl ;))

  12. Hey, sorry for not responding I had to go to Hattiesburg which was awesome, I got to check out a new skatepark but everything was beyond my skill level, like, one of the vert ramps are so tall it's basically like an abyss.

  13. No worries my man, I'm glad that you were having fun haha

  14. Monika or Jess is hitting hard imo

  15. DDLG/ age play, extreme pet play, piss and scat kink

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