1. I have all versions of Dystopia LM if you are still interested

  2. How much did you purchase your copies of EtE at? I’m looking for them myself and I want to make sure I can actually afford them

  3. Not sure if this alleviates any concerns but I recently purchased a 2019 MBP 16” with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and a new battery for about $1150. It had some scratches but, other than that, is in pretty good condition. Idk about the exact specs on the one you saw but $1100 seems reasonable to me if it’s similar to mine

  4. eBay. I already have the device in hand and, from what I can tell, it doesn’t have any issues

  5. Tbh the only concern I have is that if something happens along the way, I am not protected in any way from FB Marketplace as compared to eBay

  6. Don't. Just don't. Never buy Apple kit through FaceBook.

  7. How is your experience with buying Apple product through Marketplace?

  8. Its gonna be one of the macbooks with the faulty keyboard so be very careful. From 2016 to 2020 they all had whats called butterfly keyboards and they had a ridiculously high rate of failure.

  9. I do believe the 2019 16in has the old pre-butterfly keyboard judging by all the reviews I’ve seen

  10. I haven’t bought from this user specifically, but I’m wary of anyone who refuses to accept G&S when I offer to cover the fees.

  11. Thank you for the advice, I did offer to cover g&s fee and he mentioned having trouble with g&s overall and wanting to use f&f so I got a bit wary

  12. Yeah, that seems shady to me! I wouldn’t accept it, especially if it’s a pricey album. You can also try searching their username to see if any scam alerts come up.

  13. I had my doubts in the first place, thank you for affirming. A scam alert post did come up regarding that username so I will not proceed with the purchase

  14. I personally recommend Current. They offer a very high interest rate at 4% and you can very easily transfer money to a checking account (through them). Unlike Discover or Ally, they'll send you a card in case you need to use the cash.

  15. I read that you can only earn interest on money put inside their Saving Pods with a maximum of $6000 over 3 Pods

  16. Alliant (has a sign up bonus available), Ally, Marcus, AmEx, Discover are a few popular ones.

  17. I have been using a Discover credit card for a while as it is my first one. Do you recommend Discover saving accounts?

  18. I’m getting the black Elantra in 2 weeks, and I would love to do this as well, can you send me the links for this?

  19. Oh I am fine with opened album as well, as long it as it comes with the cd and photobook

  20. I would love 2 tickets for me and my little sister! My bias is Sua and her bias is Jiu

  21. You should be able to cancel your order through the official DC store! My refund was processed immediately after I canceled.

  22. Hello, did you pay using PayPal by any chance? I saw in the Cancellation Request page there is a “refund account” field but I used PP

  23. For some reason, I don’t see any option to cancel the order

  24. Why would you dude? Does it say they rejected you? Chill out and wait for the result!

  25. Thank you! I guess all the weeks of waiting is getting to me

  26. How did it screw up? I recently did a -60 in the bios and am worrying about the possibility

  27. That’s interesting. So far I haven’t had any issues but truthfully I haven’t seen any thermal improvement yet. Still 80+ on both CPU and GPU in Subnautica cranked to max

  28. I have the m15 and it is an amazing laptop, I use a cooling pad and it drops the temp by at least 10-15 degrees. I’ve never had a problem with it.

  29. Which cooling pad do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

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