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wtf Nintendo

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  1. Very good. For some constructive criticism I would go for a more blueish grey skin colour.

  2. The word "cope" has been really overused but it really applies to this. I dont even care much for that whole Alpha/Sigma/Whatever stuff but "callout posts" like this are tumblr stuff and exactly as effective and necessary as they were back then.

  3. We could Normal Summon as many times as we were able to and draw cards until we have 5 in our hands in the End Phase. That rule was suspiciously made by my cousin who played 3 Black Whirlwind so she often times searched her whole deck. You can also imagine that our shitty pile decks couldnt deal with Black Wing Armor Master.

  4. Luckily, they changed the Varre quest so I dont have to invade people anymore. I mostly just meet one Stars of Ruin spammer that is waaaaaaay above my damage levels and one host that hides. But sometimes I saw actual casuals. Just using some easy to understand or cool looking weapons or meme builds and I feel bad for them. Thx for making the Varre quest offline, I hate being forced to invade.

  5. Yeah, I’m glad that it’s future proofed. Its also more convenient if you are having trouble finding an invasion. I believe you could also just invade and jump off a cliff three times and that would have satisfied the quest requirements. I know I didn’t win all the invasions I did for the quest.

  6. Yes, you dont have to win, but I kinda like multiplayer so I always went for the little fight since I was already there anyway. Most of the times it was just 3 man squads, minmax builds or even a legitimate hacker once.

  7. I fought her with a dagger and incantations so it was doable while keeping a distance. It was still so freaking annoying.

  8. Es gab eine Mitteilung am Schwarzen Brett. Sie war laminiert, also war es offiziell.

  9. Gacha Game, case closed. Characters have to be gambled for, items have to be gambled for. Yes there is a story you can experience without ever gambling but thats like calling a Casino a restaurant because you can technically never gamble and just eat something.

  10. Never did Sellens quest. I cant find the second sorcerer and refuse to look it up. I ruined so much of the exploration for me by looking up everything I want so I wanted to do this questline fair and square. But I still cant find this Megamind looking fucker.

  11. I dont get these people. Dude, your entire decks purpose is to keep me from playing, why should I play with you or be thankful for the game itself. You couldve had the exact same gameplay experience as playing for yourself. The solitaire meme gets thrown around quite a lot but FTKs are literally just that.

  12. My first Fromsoft Game was Bloodborne and I think I died about 30 times before I even FOUND the boss. Dont worry, dying is part of the learning curve. Think about it, arent there things you already dont do anymore because you realized its a bad idea?

  13. I know that Moja has an archetype better than everyone else. I have over 800 hours on WC 2011 Over the Nexus in which Moja is the weakest NPC duel spirit. So I tested a lot of stuff against this little dude and his annoying stall tactics.

  14. The Yubel forms have whacky, awful german bullshit in their original names. So I still weep for "Das Extremer Traurig Drache" (The Extremely Sadness Dragon).

  15. Some reused assets are ok. No one expects 30 completely unqique ruins and that every Footsoldier has a unique face.

  16. Infernoid: Monster Gate, Reasoning and That Grass Looks Greener, barely anything else is worth negating.

  17. She was always good looking and then they put her into a tight suit later on and everything was lost.

  18. One day I really just wanted to play Pokemon Gales of Darkness again. I looked it up and of course it goes for insane prizes and the hardware I need for it is even worse. I am so willing to pay but they are just busy rereleasing Super Mario Bros for the 50th time. Nintendo has ruined pretty much all interest in their brand for me since Im not big on their current releases and cant really enjoy the classics unless its from a very limited range of games that are almost always available.

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