1. I'll get the boys in the lab to run some tests and report back

  2. Might not be the most popular take here, but honestly? Gotta be open hand monk. Nothing really sells the fantasy of being like, the absolute pinnacle of human power quite like a high level monk, despite some of the more lackluster elements of the class, and an open hand monk is just so RAW. No supernatural power, just raw skill and technique so refined you can kill even the most obscene of monsters and warriors in a single strike (with a bit of luck).

  3. Funnily enough, only monks would be monks.

  4. A friend of mine teaches martial arts, we've always deemed him a monk. He considers himself a monk. Monk is his least favorite class in the game.

  5. That's why I was thinking it! I feel like it sorta tracks

  6. I can... relate to this, a bit. Not the not knowing anyone who runs blood hunter, in fact just about every DM I've known has been willing to allow it in some way, shape, or form. More about the stuff below. I'm not particularly fond of the way Mercer does homebrew. I'm not fond of a LOT of Mercer's general modus operandi really, but that's another discussion entirely. (No beef with him at all, he's always struck me as a decent dude. I just feel like he's not quite this ubermensch of DMing that some people seem convinced he is.)

  7. You seem to know what you want from bard, which is a good thing. Might be an unpopular opinion in this thread, but I think you have a really strong foundation for your build currently. I think there's a lot to be said for barbarian warlock multiclass, and you seem to have tapped right into the good stuff with it. Armor of Agthys + Rage making anyone hitting you hurt like hell for doing it, lots of damage in your attacks, lots of good spells for out of combat utility (or emergencies, like that counterspell). Barbarian isn't used to gish much for good reason, but you're doing it well.

  8. I've been playing a stalker in my weekly game and it's some of the most fun I've ever had. Very rogue-ish, but a lot more combat focused than a rogue tends to be. It's a path of war class, so you'll be a really solid melee damage dealer if you want to go frontline. But it's also a path of war class, so you kind of have to make sure your GM is cool with using a whole 3rd party supplement if you wanna roll up.

  9. Henry Cavill could be really cool as Guts, and she might be a little old for the role now, but if this was being made a few years back Halle Berry would be PERFECT for Casca

  10. The problem is that Henry Cavill is in his late 30s/early 40s. You can’t cast him as a teenager character

  11. Yeah true, I'm not really imagining him as golden age guts, but I do forget that Guts is supposed to be pretty young sometimes. He kinda has a jojo thing going on

  12. Yeah as someone who's been doing this for a while, I agree with most of this. That being said, I think the relevance of each point changes pretty wildly from scene to scene. Moving the story along isn't the biggest deal in the world if you're in the middle of a quiet, slow scene that's worth lingering on. Giving a good deal of sensory information and referencing small details can cause issues if you're in a combat with others and trying to get to everyone's turn

  13. It is a Hunter Ranger feature (lvl 9 I think? Not sure)

  14. it's kinda akin to their level 3 and level 11 features (horde breaker and whirlwind attack, respectively) which both deal with giving attacks to hit everyone around you. It's a lot like whirlwind attack, but in my opinion, a lot better because you get to move to make your attacks as opposed to staying in one place.

  15. Yeah it is better, I complained about it in a different comment. It is ridiculous for this level one spell given to warlocks at lvl 1 and half casters at lvl 2 to be a stronger version of the most iconic and powerful feature from one of the ranger’s subclasses

  16. Yeah that's kinda what I was thinkin! I don't mind the spell on its own, I just think it should at least be higher level, and maybe have some limit on how many people you can hit? Like... level 2 spell, and you can hit (prof bonus + spell slot level above 2nd) number of enemies per turn. Maybe. Having a cap feels like a good idea.

  17. I imagine you've gotten this a few times but damn, you're handsome as hell in both pictures man. Really cool to see.

  18. I'm like other people in this comment section, and I usually just cut out the shadowfell stuff. I imagine hexblades being a little like King Arthur, a (usually fairly normal) person who inherits/claims/is chosen by, or otherwise just stumbles into the ownership of an incredibly powerful legendary weapon. That person gains the capability of a powerful warrior where they might not have it, simply by being the wielder of what is essentially a fantasy WMD, growing stronger and unlocking powers as they make this weapon a part of themselves.

  19. There's a wonderful irony in Envy being the horny song when Lust is right next to them. Perfect meme, 10/10

  20. Absolutely. Lust is in her feelings, and Envy is just tryna have a good time (:

  21. I'd say no. Did you exploit her weaknesses? Yes. She'll eat 9/10 victims a few times over tho so playing smart is good (imo)

  22. I know for a fact that a guy with a Baki build absolutely beat her, but that was with fist weapons. I'm not sure if anyone's been able to bare hand the fight yet, though I wouldn't be totally shocked if someone managed it by now. Winning crazy fights by stupid means is half the fun sometimes

  23. “If you don’t fight every single racist you see, one by one, then you’re not doing enough.” -op

  24. Wizard alone with no subclass is already very powerful due to the range and utility of its spells, which is why wizard subclasses are typically fairly weak compared to other subclasses.

  25. I'm gonna have to agree to disagree with you on this one chief.

  26. One of the great things about DND is that every table runs it differently, so if you have a DM that is willing to run with something like this, I'm glad! Sounds like a fun table.

  27. Man, yeah that's fair actually. I get where you're coming from about there being a lot of overtuned stuff on the sub. I'd be lying if I said I didn't know the feeling of players coming to me with wild stuff and hitting me with the

  28. I read a lot of comics online in middle school, because I was a really adhd kid mostly. I think I was about 12 when I started Berserk? 12-13. It was definitely an experience for my little kid brain, but it stuck with me forever.

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