1. Pretty sure the ac130 uses incendiary rounds for it's 25mm auto Cannon

  2. Can you take the horse out of the vtuber?

  3. Objective unknown, burns entire library and uses thermite on the basement door

  4. Did they remove the pda in a pile of shit quest?

  5. Wait how did you get 100 kg carry weight?

  6. Wait this looks like a single pit run for me

  7. I have that same task but IDKY I can't seem to find the suit I need either my task is bugged which wouldn't be the 1st time or I jacked something up.

  8. Iirc you don't need to craft the suit, just go in there with high enough rad res and your good to go

  9. Go from agropom and farm the left side of the map, stalkers and bandits usually never cross the middle

  10. There’s a piece of fanart of Rushia landing in VDV kit at Hostomel

  11. She found that doujin about safely crossing a street

  12. Zun made too many sexy blonde lolis💢💢! Why else would Clownpiece be dressed in that way…

  13. To bring free market, liberty and democracy to gensokyo?

  14. michiking on his/her (?) way to appear in every top 5 involving shotacons and touhou characters that they draw

  15. I was at home eating curry when fon ring

  16. Inu-way it seems to be working too well that sakuya didn't know about it

  17. Is it another moriya conspiracy again?

  18. I mean have you seen touhou Yaoi? Make shure to filiter out the shotas tho

  19. No shotas? They're the best thing with sakuya doujins!!!


  21. How can I read "living in the ocean" in kanji?

  22. Shit bro, if the entire world kenot eat indomie, I would shoot myself in the back of my head twice

  23. I would've probably ended up with an oopsie warcrime

  24. Your honour, my client committed an oopsie daisy

  25. Wait Boruto had a good chapter?

  26. Well, it has a really good prologue/prequel.

  27. Its not rolling but sliding down. There's a big difference here. One is retarded but the other is just falling down stairs.

  28. You see, it would be retardation when they fall UP the stairs

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