1. Nah thats fair, it's a contact sport. Trent needs to be better at jumping and heading away, but it's a common issue for fullbacks and a reason why back post headers is always a viable tactic wheh you have a big forward. Fullbacks are pretty much always shorter than a target man striker.

  2. He didn’t even try to jump because by the time he realized Mitrovic was behind him, the ball was heading into the net.

  3. The ball was 4 meters away and Mitrovic was already pinning Trent down. Just look at the first image. Trent could have definitely done better, but it's kinda hard to nudge the ball away with your head when somebody's keeping you from behind to even starting a jump.

  4. I listened to Kristin Cavaleri on the Call Her Daddy podcast and I’m pretty sure she confirmed indirectly that she dated Austen. She made a reference to a guy posting on social media whenever he was in her area. Sounded like when Craig and Austen were in Nashville with her. Just speculation.

  5. He's 33. But Barcelona just paid five times as much for a guy who actually turns 34 in two weeks.

  6. Good comp, m8. I always think of Lewa when I think of Arnautovic

  7. They already had a bid knocked back so…

  8. You forgot his arm length shooter sleeve he was rocking. That aside, this is a wild statement.

  9. Henderson and Bobby still on holiday, Thiago too. Bobby is just standing around the centre halves thinking something is gonna happen. Awful

  10. Good do without the Hollywood balls that are in the clouds from Virg. I like when he sprays it but that’s hanging in the air longer than a hot air balloon.

  11. He benefited from all this, since Mel Pearson railroaded Strauss Mann the fuck out of there for sticking up for himself. That's not to say I think he condones it or anything, but it's reasonable to suppose that he might be at least the tiniest bit conflicted about it.

  12. I guess my point was that if they sack Pearson it likely wouldn’t affect Portillo that much with a year left. He’s the starter and he’ll still get his education.

  13. Good signing. Never had pace but he can finish at that level.

  14. She must be doing a lot of coke to be that skinny

  15. No but it definitely sounds like she’s with Austen because she was defending him all night

  16. This is not an ideal start for a manager who seems to have a good idea of how he’d like to see his team take shape.

  17. I think this is one of the things SAF was really good at. He didn’t tolerate any of the players getting bigger than the team. Such divas would be shut down pretty fast.

  18. That’s fair - but there’s not a whole lot of comps to SAF in that very few modern managers could act similarly. The only two I can think of are Pep and Klopp, probably Conte.

  19. Anybody have any more info on Nolan? Seems to be the only one lacking info in the thread.

  20. I’m from Buffalo. Nolan got into a power struggle with then GM John Muckler. Ted had a 2 year deal, won Jack Adams in second season, beloved by players and fans. Muckler and the team lowballed him on his next deal, Ted walked, Muckler essentially put the word out that Ted was a GM killer (and likely not unrelated, word around town was that Nolan slept with then star goalie Dominik Hasek’s wife). Ted wasn’t touched with a ten foot pole after that. He should have been given a second chance but it took a long time, and by the time he returned to an NHL bench the game had long since passed him by.

  21. I listened live and this was great. Dan and his guys are big Cafee marks.

  22. Jeff Lewis is hilarious. I like his show. Not sure Andy would give him up.

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