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  1. Hi there and thanks a lot for taking the interest and reply. My post refers to physical keyboards, and i’m referring to Arabic keyboards as opposed to English so i’m sorry if that was the source of your confusion. Arabic keyboards on Mac/ios have different layouts than ones used in Windows PC (and also adopted by Android) see images here

  2. Surely there's Arabic layout wireless keyboards made for the iPad, you could probably use one of those if it's Bluetooth. I would assume Bluetooth keyboards are pretty universal

  3. Hi there and thanks again, but I’m afraid you are missing the point. While there are plenty of choices as far as physical keyboards (either Bluetooth, which I tried connecting by the way and that didn’t help, or via the smart connector on the Tab S8 ultra, as is the case with the Samsung Book Cover keyboard for the S8 ultra I have), connecting one of those, even with the correct visible layout on the keys, won’t solve the issue since the device will use the built-in default Arabic keyboard layout, which is the PC/Android layout as opposed to the Mac layout. Again, the default file containing the layout needs to be modified, or a different file containing the desired layout needs to be installed in order for the keystrokes to produce the desired characters.

  4. no idea sorry, see if you can find a more technical forum to ask in like XDA or maybe something that's primarily Arabic language oriented

  5. Why the tiny image with a watermark? And why does OP have a username like a spambot?

  6. That isn't necessarily true. (EDIT: It isn't necessarily true, I don't know why I'm getting downvoted.) In the Arkham games there are believable obstacles Batman has to overcome to large gaps to locks . In Detriot Become Human, it's your programming or an objective that stops you from going places.

  7. You should give some examples.

  8. If anyone else wants to follow OP to see more of their art,

  9. If you searched and it didn't appear, it's not there.

  10. That sucks there definitely needs to be a sand panda extension. E-hentai is quite limited compared to its sister site.

  11. Do they not have a serviceable mobile website?

  12. Thanks so much for your support, it means a lot!! :D

  13. Is there any plan for Steam Deck support?

  14. I mean I don’t like AI art at all but. Art at its core is visual communication. AI art may be low effort and effectively stealing but it’s still art. For you to say it’s not is pretty misleading. We equate art to the process more than the outcome when comparing AI to the traditional / digital process. Again, as an artist myself I do not like it what’s so ever. Just my thoughts anyways ✌️

  15. That discussion ended months ago

  16. if i had a nickel for every morally dubious autistic magical princess who was a mechanical genius/mad scientist ruling her own kingdom from the age of 8 and who built her own parents because her original family wasn't around and ended up believing at some point that only the creations you built will love you unconditionally (if even that) aaaand fucking LOVES building weapons, i'd have two princesses, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice

  17. Princess Bubblegum never had parents did she?

  18. This is what we have been doing. But we’ve also been adding bark dust to the top. It’s been really good for reviving the soil.

  19. To the top of what, the cardboard? Are you not removing the cardboard once the grass is dead?

  20. Better than putting more plastic out there.

  21. Wish people would use bookmarks and link the source instead of just downloading images and sharing them without attribution

  22. Can you share the link, assuming that's the artist sharing it? I tried reverse image searching a cropped version but no dice

  23. This isn't from a game, is it?

  24. Child, you owe it to yourself to overcome your reticence. There's freedom out there.

  25. I am 33. I take trains and buses.

  26. No disrespect intended, apologies if that's how I sounded. As long as you're out in the world it's all good. Cheers!

  27. It's all good, I misread your tone. I appreciate the encouragement.

  28. Thanks for the context. So he's a DJ at WXRT? What frequency is that?

  29. Thanks. Not sure why I was downvoted

  30. "Notice: This product is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina or above. Click here for more information."

  31. VR isn't really a thing on MacOS. Install Linux or Windows if you have the hardware for VR.

  32. Komi Can't Communicate is a wholesome manga series with a recent anime adaptation

  33. If you have proximity, there is really no need for speed.

  34. If you walk without rhythm, it won't attract the worm.

  35. Did you reply to the wrong person? They didn't mention Grimes

  36. No, this is a patent and does not reflect what the product will actually look like. This is for features the controller may have.

  37. Any time Nintendo comes out with new courses, I’m practically in heaven.

  38. I feel that. My attempt at a joke, a poor attempt apparently

  39. Wheel of Time is a book series

  40. Yeah I remember it now. Didn’t read it but watch the tv adaption. Super odd to find it in a Zelda context

  41. In this case it makes sense since they're talking about changing the weather with a magical object in a fantasy story. Seems relevant to me.

  42. No. SteamOS 2.0 is the only version of SteamOS that offers a desktop installer, and it is extremely out of date.

  43. Ty Always lookin for something to turn old computers into emulation stations etc. Found something a while ago supposedly a dedicated OS for emulation but it was never installable.

  44. Setup process for PSX wasn't super smooth but once I got it running RetroArch was pretty great. It's Linux emulation software designed to be run fullscreen but may needs cores installed if you're doing something newer than SNES

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