BETO’s response to a man laughing while he was speaking about the Uvalde school shooting.

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  1. Ahh. The Soros funded gungrabber is spouting more nonsense. Color me surprised.

  2. If beto is elected he's not going to be able to get anything that restricts guns through the Supreme Court, so no one is really coming to take any guns.

  3. No one was ever coming to take anyones guns lol we just want to restrict who can buy them going forward.

  4. "Hell yea we're gonna take your AR-15s, your AK-47s" -Beto O'Rourke

  5. I get you don't agree with somebody's politics, but what monster is able to laugh at 19 dead kids and 2 dead teachers?

  6. Sounds to me like he was laughing at the description of an Armalite Rifle as a weapon as being weapon designed for war with the "original design" being to penetrate a soldier's helmet at 500ft.

  7. I would recommend not joining randoms now either. There are a bunch of cheaters raising their apoc levels crazy high. It's gotten a decent amount of people with a boost who didn't want it and now they look like a cheater themselves

  8. Haha I know right, I got lucky this was my one tarkov raid of the week too! I had a fight below in the parking garage with at least 5 other pmcs (2-3 different teams) and I killed one, almost killed 2 others, but there were 4 dead bodies and the last guy ran away only looting two low levels, like people were u fun that raid tbh. I’ve been playing insurgency sandstorm, which is extremely sweaty, so this was easy mode

  9. Lol don't even get me started on Insurgency. I swear, every single person on there is literally Shroud himself. Like the reaction time of some of those people is absolutely insane.

  10. I don't understand why they don't have a universal shotgun barrel mount.

  11. I just hate anti-personnel mines. In any war, in any engagement, with any combatants.

  12. You might hate it, but it’s the best way to decrease the war efforts of the enemy. The maimed use up a lot of resources and are combat ineffective. Deaths are just number on a paper.

  13. The guy whipping the others appears to be a physically fit young man, why isn't he out on the front lines?

  14. Dude that silver SUV saw them for like 4 full seconds and just kept driving directly into the car.

  15. I loved my e92 335i manual. It was a great car.

  16. I've had mine for about 3 years now and last week was the first time it's had to go to the shop (@122k miles which is about when to expect)

  17. In a civilised society intolerant actions cannot be tolerated, otherwise it would be a free for all.

  18. It’s actually legal to punch people for “mean words” in the USA hun. ☺️☺️

  19. It's kinda not though hun. You'll get an assault charge 😘😘

  20. My struggle right now is just getting up apocalypse tiers so that my equipment isn't just always changing.

  21. Im at Apoc tier 27 atm. When i run a full trials of tarya gratar i get enoigh materials to level up 3 armor pieces / weapons.

  22. Do you solo it? How long does it take you for one run?

  23. Look like something you'd see sitting outside Los Santos Customs.

  24. Depending on your build, anomaly enhancement or some other passive that increases your overall damage would be a good move.

  25. "You know, those four door STIs and EVOs don't look so bad.... Let's do that"

  26. Haven't we been talking about this one for like at least 2 years?

  27. USA is basically Israel's puppet, USA keeps supplying them with arms and helping them in any way to get a strong ally in the Middle East.

  28. As an American this is unfortunately true. They're in the pockets of our politicians (which are also a large majority Jewish).

  29. Exactly, I might be mistaken and correct me if I’m wrong (because I’m not Russian), Lavrov is jewish, and he also supports Palestine more than Israel.

  30. Sergey Lavrov? As far as I can tell and as far as my research goes, he self identifies as agnostic.

  31. What defines an Islamic Jihad man vs an Islamic non-Jihad man?

  32. "Islamic Jihad" is the name of their terror organization like Hamas

  33. That's pretty stupid. Sounds like something straight out of Team America: World Police

  34. I fear that zelenskiys pov may be forced to change when the west gets bored and stops sending weapons. If that doesn't happen then he doesn't really need to talk atm but that could change as the afghan government found out. I suspect the more likely outcome is a north/south Korea type freezing of rhe conflict (but with alot of skirmishing along the lines) and the development of massive fortifications. That way a temporary ceasefire could never end

  35. I don't think the West will get bored with sending weapons. Not only is this great for the War Dogs and Americas previously stagnant weapons manufacturing, Ukrainians are also great cannon fodder. If NATO can weaken Russia, and all it takes is a couple billion dollars and thousands of expendable Ukrainian lives, why would they not? After all, it's not like conventional warfare is possible between NATO and Russia, since the threat of nuclear weapons go up tremendously (I.e. cold War pt 2).

  36. I really wish they'd stop with the fake scope effects

  37. It's not considered murder if they are threatening your life.

  38. If you see 2 grown men on a motorcycle in Brazil, you might as well hit them immediately

  39. Socks with crocs is a power move.

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