Please burn one for my dad (4/17/60-8/23/22)

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  1. canadian here :) we aren’t actually eligible at this time. they’re changing it some time next march to include people suffering from mental issues

  2. 2 and no. i was struggling with my bpd at the time and with addiction. i’ve changed, i’m not that same person.

  3. Could you please expand a bit on that? What do u mean by really mentally ill?

  4. I am actually in a new state for college so I don’t have any good piercing places or doctors nearby, and I do not know how to take it out myself. I’ve heard that you aren’t supposed to take out piercings when they are infected, should I get it taken out by a piercer anyways or should I go to a doctor first?

  5. pls don’t take out the jewelry it would trap the infection if there is

  6. In my experience they never do it even if you tell them to do it.

  7. it happened once to me and i was so surprised cause my sims parents were already elders and i put them in a “retirement home” lot

  8. yea, i’ve realized mine stems from not having any self worth in myself so i was never comfortable at any time. i’m also trying to create personal boundaries so i can preserve my sanity lol

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