To steal

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

I needed this today

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. The Butt Cherry Popper 1000, not only prevents bikes from being stolen, but helps the thieves go in a self discover journey

  2. I think W is overrated. I truly think it's biggest success was being better than Decade. It's not a bad show. It's good, but I don't think it's the god send series that it's hyped up to be. It's very alright.

  3. Hard disagree on the first one since i love Decade and still think that W is fantastic on it's own.

  4. I love Decade too, it was a big re-entry for me and it holds a personal place. But I think it didn't perform as well as hoped everyone hoped. I will always love out pink Megenta bastard

  5. I think the whole point of the eye colours is to help the pop and hard contrasts the existing colours. I think PuToTyra's green eyes do an excellent job in popping and standing out.

  6. I think she'll simply have clothings inspired by whoever she used to be (Heidr, Seidr, Shiny Freyja, etc) while keeping the snakes and glowy eyes.

  7. I'd like a shiny Freyja, what are the odds? 1/4069?

  8. Veronica wasn't really original tho: She was part of the 'outift based on another character' group with her clothes being modeled after her brother Bruno.

  9. I also like to think this is FEH's way of saying "This is the only Gatekeeper you're going to get"

  10. Because I could get Gullveig to fight Gullveig, before Gullveig debuts as a summonable unit

  11. Dude maby you need more greed for it or steel your friends coins and pay it to work

  12. You sure those aren't cell stamps? You may need to ask your disembodied arm friend to throw you the core stamps he's got. Maybe wish them a happy birthday as well so they feel happy.

  13. Temporarily disable a body function, like an arm, or hearing

  14. Cause FEH OCs are the spawn of the devil and this is a christian household

  15. Then why are you here in the hell hole that is Heroes?

  16. How many times we have teach you this lesson old man??

  17. Here here! I'm glad just as glad. It be nice to see a second Heroes character make it.

  18. The Virgin divided House vs the Chad united 🐍booba

  19. Bro you are so dum it’s obviously a diend driver

  20. Is it?? People are telling all sorts of drivers D:

  21. Why do you have weird looking Fullbottles, and why does you Buggle Driver look like a warped Intellivision Amico?

  22. I knew I shouldn't have bought from that shady Thai dealer

  23. The power ups i take it dont count on your part?

  24. Just factoring base stats for now. Faiz Axel is a big game changer for sure. Not to mention Faiz Blaster's never lost a battle. But that is Faiz's trump card, it's versatility and access to better power.

  25. Okay, I meant to say, weakest in the Faiz Series.

  26. As long as he's marketable, Toei will personally provide the jumper cables to bring him back from the dead. And being the strongest, he's always selling.

  27. Yeah, but how would they beat him next time cause you know the saber ride watch was dumb how does that beat it but a new decade form doesn't? Whack I say

  28. The most powerful thing in Kamen Rider is the push to sell their toys lol

  29. Thanks so much, Freyja is one of my favorites, but I'll wait for her S alt.

  30. Can't understand it. The game was a success, and lots of paid dlc people still buy. Why wouldn't you make another?

  31. Becuase they know people will buy DLC, and they're going to milk fans for it. If old game gets support to keep it relevant, then they don't have to work on a new game.

  32. Kamen Rider Glare, meet Kamen Rider Stare. It's ride to stare at him

  33. Have you ever seen films or shows dealing with parallels worlds or played Kingdom Hearts. The world they fought in probably looks like it's animated

  34. In Fire Emblem, when your unit has 5 more speed than the enemy, you hit them twice and they can only hit you once. Slow units are thus at a disadvantage. Let's take Alear and Rearmed Lif as an example. Alear has much more speed than Lif, but Arcane Eljounir grants Lif a guaranteed follow up attack, and prevents Alear from making a follow up attack. Despite Lif having 40/50 less speed than Alear, he can hit Alear twice but Alear can only hit once.

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