1. Can we be nice? He lost his mom VERY young and unexpectedly. That could age anyone

  2. Totally agree. Also never underestimate the power of a bad photo!! I swear in some photos I look like a 9 and in others I look like a straight 4.5, depending on the angle.

  3. So my mom, and grandma are both hairstylist. I am a licensed esthetician and make up artist. I say that to say that you should see Sarah @ Atrium off jones and west. She is actually the best person I have ever met in my life

  4. I’ll go back tomorrow and get it if it’s still there

  5. My head just invented a scenario where there were a dozen shirts printed and worn for the solemn backyard funeral/barbecue memorializing the second of these good bois to die, wherein the second was either interred or sprinkled near his bro. I like this image, it's comforting.

  6. Lol Aw I love that. I work in rescue so this made me really sad and I almost bought it

  7. I legit am in love with him. He seems so kind & gentle.

  8. Wasn’t much of a secret with that giant rock on her finger lol

  9. Lol Um it absolutely is not. One is a stalker and the other is a semi normal dude

  10. In the context of their seasons, they are.

  11. Colton stalked Cassie for multiple months and scared the death out of her and her family to the point she had to file a protective order. Clayton is a white average football player. That’s about the only other similarities

  12. I stg I thought she looked like the female version of him the first time I saw her

  13. Same! I’ve always thought they looked alike

  14. I give Khloe a lot of shit but good for her! Even if this is nothing. Get out there, hang out with hot guys. I was so sick of hearing “I’m just focusing on True” every time she was asked if she was dating. To me that always meant her and Tristan were either back together or she planned on taking him back.

  15. I’ll be wearing my huge hoops today in honor of her

  16. I think that people have a problem with the name Dream because of who her mom is. I don’t like Chyna either But I am focusing more on the name and not the people that named them. If you just don’t like the name, fair enough. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. I mean I don’t like Psalm or Chicago either and it has nothing to do with Kim. They’re just dumb names. It’s like how Holly Madison named her daughter Rainbow…. I love her! The name is just stupid

  18. A few months before the Maralee news came out, there was another woman claiming Tristan fathered her child. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he took a paternity test to prove it wasn't his. It was all over this sub for a hot minute. I'm fuzzy on the details here, maybe someone remembers more clearly?

  19. Yessss I can’t remember her freaking name

  20. Yep, I 100% remember this also. Well as far as the court documents I think you might be thinking of that other chick. I can’t remember her name. I’ll try to find some links when I get home

  21. I was truly shocked. He always seemed so excited and silly when trying her food. Smells like an affair to me but I wish the best for her and her daughter. Erica seems so sweet

  22. yes clearly she took him back and part of that was because she wanted another baby with him. duh. but khloe did not force tristan into cheating, lying, and manipulating her. it was all tristan.

  23. She got with him knowing he had a pregnant girlfriend soooo considering she’s been cheated on by every BF/husband she’s ever had I would think that would’ve been a huge red flag. But she didn’t care. Khloe can say all day she didn’t know Jordan C and him were still together but even if that were the case, what sane human starts dating a man that has a baby due in 4 months? Then expects to be the exception….

  24. mate no one is saying she is unaware of the situations that she decides to insert herself into. no one is saying she is a rational decision maker.

  25. I’m not mad at her I just don’t feel bad for her

  26. Wasnt there a rumor that TMZ contacted Kris about the first cheating scandal in the club and she told them to hold off on releasing it? Then it happened to get released right before she gave birth? Because she footage was shot and shooed around way before her due date

  27. I love this season. Will never understand all the hate it gets

  28. I don’t believe she didn’t know beforehand. I do believe that the process of having a baby through surrogate is long and expensive so she still went with it. If she didn’t know about Maralee’s baby than why keep this a secret from her family, from Kim?

  29. Yep I thought the same thing. Also, she made sure to explain the timeline multiple times.

  30. His podcast with Theo Von is iconic

  31. I'm perfectly fine with a shelter dog having 10% bully. If this DNA comes back with 25% or greater I will definitely have an issue to think about.

  32. If that’s how you truly feel, you should take the dog back if it has any percent of pit. Which it will btw & it will be more than 10%. My dog his half and he is the sweetest most loving gentle dog I’ve ever owned.

  33. Her body is fucking fire. The fact that Mike called her fat is insane. At least douchey Vinny appreciated her body

  34. Makeup artist of over 10 years here. I cannot stand the way Gina does makeup. She did Hannah B SO wrong on her season. Sometimes she has some decent looks but I’m truly confused how she is still employed. The eye makeup is awful. The air brush bronzer or blush whatever that was looked ok. The rest is bad IMO. This is my personal opinion. I’ll add some of Hannah B’s worst looks when I get a second

  35. Please do, I wanna see!!! PS. I BELIEVE YOU.

  36. I got you. Let me gather my info lol

  37. I know she did not just say, “ I do what I can”. Girl no you do not lol

  38. She’s gorgeous. That’s so cool you found a sibling! I check constantly for a close sibling and the closest I’ve gotten is a cousin.

  39. Umm 😳 glances nervously at my newly purchased NEST candle is this a manufacturing defect? What did they offer..? Contemplating returning this candle now…

  40. Yeah was it because it burned too low or a new candle exploded? Clear glass or black glass one? This info might help others

  41. Sorry I was going to post pics but I had deleted a ton of photos because my phone is out of storage but here’s

  42. It wasn’t a manufacturing defect. They just said it looked like it was burned too low and it’s a very uncommon occurrence but it does happen. I wouldn’t return what you got. They offered me a $300 store credit and a replacement candle for the one that exploded

  43. The woman Jed was seeing up until he went on the show is now married to hannah b’s brother.

  44. *until and throughout when he went on the show - she’s not just an ex dumped right before the show. Jed was two-timing Hannah with this girl, and the new bride was aware because she didn’t think he’d last that long and he was using the show for a career boost. Then she married Hannah’s brother.

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