1. There is not enough information to say for sure, but my best guess is that the webpage you looked at may have had Facebook/Meta trackers on it (like the Facebook "like button," "login with Facebook" or other trackers, which allowed FB/Insta/Meta to correlate your browsing with your account based on IP or some other factor

  2. What is your reasoning for using a fixed release LTS server distro in combination with the mainline (pre stable) kernel?

  3. I don't know if you are using 'stable' in a different way than I am. But if you check kernel.org latest stable is 5.19.

  4. Pacman is not a repo, and AUR is not an official Arch Repo (neither the AUR or an AUR helper is even included in Arch by default),

  5. Those of us who have been using adblockers as long as we've been online may forget/not realize, but integrating adblocking out of the box is a much more substantial political/philosophical stance to take, compared with FF's current approach of blocking trackers and supporting and allowing great 3rd party adblocking.

  6. Brave is dependemt on Chromium and Google's Blink browser engine. OP is trying to avoid browsers based on these things.

  7. If you don't want Chromium based you really just have one realistic option for a privacy centric general purpose web browser: Firefox (or one of it's downstream spins like Librewolf (desktop) or Mull (android) if you prefer).

  8. Timeshift in Fedora 36 works with btrfs. Or am I misunderstanding you?

  9. Fedora is not well setup for Timeshift ootb (because of default subvolume naming for one thing)

  10. Time to let GNOME know they’re doing something wrong. Excited to check out COSMIC!

  11. > time to let gnome know they are doing something wrong

  12. COSMIC is not a GNOME spinoff. The compositor is written from the ground up in Rust. The maintainer of Smithay is also the COSMIC creator.

  13. While Cosmic did begin, and is currently just a layer on top of Gnome I think, I believe this is the result of less than clear branding (calling both the current and future Pop!_OS desktop "Cosmic" when one is a twist on Gnome and one is being written from the ground up). I personally feel the current desktop should never have been called Cosmic as it is Gnome 3 with some changes as far as I know, but that is just a manner of semantics.

  14. Mainly video playback of files using these codecs will be more power demanding. Some people seem to think, that playing video files will become impossible at all or their PC's will spontaneously explode, which obviously isn't true. I suspect, it will be fixable soon, by installing additional package from third party repository.

  15. I agree with your overall sentiment about people misunderstanding the issue (thinking its more impactful than it is) but that is not OP's question really.

  16. This is where I'm at. They rolled a grenade into the room and said see ya later. Usually, for an announcement like this, I feel like there is at least the vague outline of how we can work around this going forward. Without that, people are understandably scrambling.

  17. What announcement? Maybe I'm out of the loop, but from what I saw, the links being posted are from the Fedora developer discussion mailing list and other open/transparent but internally oriented discussions.

  18. A couple resources (from simplest and least technically sophisticated to more complex but more comprehensive):

  19. Vanilla, and yum groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop" first thing. I liked Gnome2 just fine, which Cinnamon is a fork of.

  20. KDE. Maybe i’m brainwashed by windows or whatever but i like having a desktop and taskbar

  21. I would say "conditioned", muscle memory and subconscious expectations of how you interact with something is hard to change. I'm been using Gnome 2 years (Linux 10+) and though I find it to be a great and efficient DE and now after some time understand the logic and utility of its workflow, I'm still more familiar with a traditional Windows / Plasma / Cinnamon desktop layout.

  22. AUR is not a tool built for beginners (nor is Arch).

  23. You may not be, but beginners are a substantial and important part of the Pop!_OS userbase, and it is a distro that specifically considers, caters to and appeals to new and casual users (among other groups)

  24. "But almost every other distro pre-installs or recommended timeshift"

  25. I didn't realize Skype was still commonly used.

  26. IDK but ive found software center GUIs in Linux to be some of the most consistently buggy experiences regardless of distro or DE.

  27. If your priority is security, and your not a super experienced user, Arch is not a good choice.

  28. But you’re comparing ads to illegal activities. I agree with you about the fact that ads are not ethical and led to many issues, but there must be an alternative to give people something back

  29. Forget distros figure out the distro family that works for you.

  30. You've given no information to go off of really so its impossible to guess with confidence (to be fair, in your shoe's I wouldn't really know what info or logs to give either)

  31. Designed as a drop-in replacement for docker. So you can use every container repository. E.g. dockerhub.

  32. In theory yes, but I see reports of some containers built for docker not working well in Podman or at least not rootless Podman. LinuxServer.io's SWAG image is an example, and I was told by someone that in general LSIO's images are known to not always play nice with podman.

  33. I would say that most containers I've used just work.

  34. I did first look into CoreOS. From what i read, CoreOS is not made with a single manually configured workflow in mind and would nor be ideal for it. From what I read you'd want at least two separate systems running the same services.

  35. MicroOS doesn't have SELinux ootb, but you can enable it (along with sane defaults) with one command. The

  36. This is great to know. I did know it was easy to enable, but I didn't understand that that would apply sane defaults as well, that's good to know. I thought i read Podman was not installed by default, but that isn't really a big a deal.

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