1. I should emphasize these paragraphs:

  2. I was underwhelmed; it was hard to make sense of, and the most coherent thing I came away with was "we must accept reality", which is BULLSHIT in politics, where there IS no reality save what is MADE (hence why science and politics do not mix, repeated attempts to approach and prevail in politics via a "scientific" MO have failed, and supposedly-stupid people like religious fundamentalists keep getting the better of supposedly-smart people like career scientists).

  3. Sorry I can't figure out how to directly link videos of this sort; is that even possible here?

  4. Nice to see it clarified that we are allowing civilization's central circulatory system to be entirely governed by Humanity's 2 worst instincts.

  5. Does he realize this was kind of the premise behind STAR TREK

  6. Thanks; I looked for a non-paywalled version, but could not find a satisfactory one.

  7. Boycott foreign tradition, Boycott foreign culture

  8. I'm not sure I get it - is it just that ossified politicians in other countries are threatened by the implication that they could do the same thing at any time?

  9. ...For a few sentences to give credit where it's due; talk about cherry-picking.

  10. And the whole thing is about appeasing Covid denialists, whom just happen to be VERY heavily Trump supporters, especially now. That's why Covid vaccination levels are so low in red states.

  11. I'm curious: Do online "brigades" give themselves names and heraldry before you march out?


  13. "A-HA! That proves they're NAUGHTY and LAWLESS, just as we've said all along!"

  14. At 97, Dick Van Dyke makes more sense than our current leaders in DC.

  15. Not quite as visibly-unhinged as some of the E-mails I got between 2015-2018, but it's certainly within flashback-territory....

  16. Whatever he saw on that thing was so traumatic it turned him into a halibut!

  17. He's legally blind. You are legally a dickhead.

  18. Well hey, if it's legal, then what's the problem?

  19. Buy local. Credit union. Farmers Markets. Local elections.

  20. Well, I do bank with a credit union...how much of a difference does the rest really make?

  21. Remember the good old normal days before 2001? Never goin back homie, this is reality now

  22. If there's one thing I've learned from years of livid observation, it is that reality in politics is determined by fiat. That attitude right there is the only thing really keeping us here.

  23. No I’m pretty sure it’s the physical, emotional, and spiritual coercion by powers visible and invisible keeping us in this mess.

  24. Correct - and of those three, two cannot possibly be accomplished without our individual consent, and once people realize that, the apparent power of the first, despite being real, always turns out to shrivel dramatically.

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