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  1. Pyramid Head's gait may not be the most menasing, but when it's combined with his creepy-ass terror radius music, it makes his whole appearance so unnerving and menasing. Especially his 16 meters theme, it's so mysterious and eerie. They perfectly nailed the Silent Hill vibe with his theme.

  2. It would be cool, but sadly only a few original survivors knows their killers. Usually it's just a two unrelated characters. As far as I remember, of all the original survivors, we only have, like, three who knew about their killers.

  3. As a Yun-Jin main/simp, I will never not be legitimately amused by how much everyone shits on Yun-Jin

  4. Wait, Yun Jin, a modern survivor already got a face rework? Lol, how did she look back then, any screenshots?

  5. It was in the same patch when older survivors got their reworks. Most of the newest survivors only got some slight changes. Here is the vid with all of them:

  6. Oh god, imagine how this Cheryl-James from the last screenshot would look like, running around and screaming with girly voice. Even scarier then Scratched Mirror Myers.

  7. Oh, they failed again with Yun-Jin's skin. Poor girl.

  8. Yeah, she is my main survivor and I hoped for something really good for her, but we got this... Sadge.

  9. Wait, is this a first time when we hear the original survivor's voice? We heard only Ash's voice before, but he is licensed character, so he doesn't count.

  10. Wait, but where is the tome with Yun-Jin and Trickster? Or it will be after the Halloween one?

  11. I hope only this special tome will have two pages. They already reduced the number of characters in the archives from four to two, and this would be really awful if they gonna reduce amount of tome pages to two permanently.

  12. Only Jake and Nea looks somewhat decent. What the hell happened with David and Kate...

  13. Hold G and then click on the sword icon

  14. Ah a fellow Yun-Jin enjoyer. I see you are a man of culture

  15. She is the best girl, and no one will make us change our minds.

  16. How were there 2 Bubbas and 3 survs then?

  17. There was 1 Bubba, and 1 Pinhead. Bubba used fly hacks, and just flew over the map through the walls. That's how he reached the basement before me.

  18. You can switch to the third person on Shooting Range only as I know. Open the chat and type /toggleclient3p.

  19. Sorry for being stoopido, but can somebody explain me what Sr Pelo means?

  20. It's a Mexican animator on YouTube. Just check any of his videos, especially the Mokey ones, and you will hear that it sounds almost exactly the same as Laurie screams in DbD.

  21. Elodie is pretty cute, but her screams isn't, sadly.

  22. Yeah, default Leons and their "godlike" flashbang saves.

  23. Usually, if Nancy is wearing default skin, then she will be even worse teammate then rank 20 Meg. Otherwise, yeah. Nancy mains with P3 or cool skins are often pretty good.

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