1. Wait a second the Alpha is an actual Alpha????!?!?

  2. Took me until now to actually be able to log into the store and pass the "server is down" boss but I did infact get a key which I was definitely not expecting with only "half" of us getting them if that's even accurate, it might be but no one can even log in.

  3. Yeah this seems sketchy that only 1 or 2 people are saying they got in

  4. If I got the key, I would not hang around in reddit, I would play the game :D

  5. I'm happy for you I very much hope I'm wrong so that I can have hope they can get the rest of us :D

  6. "IF i got the key". I don't :(. What i'm saying that most people who got the key are probably excited and playing/downloading the game, not hanging around in reddit so that poll might be misleading, but i'm not sure

  7. I wouldn't say misleading more like we need to wait 24 hours for the real results

  8. There must have only been 100 keys again I checked the site right as it went up and it was gone.

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