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  1. Lol, he still has a human mentality. Puts on a show for his subordinates, but as for where we are in the anime, he still has a ton of Suzuki Satou 1v1 moments with Dwarves, The Champion in Arena, the Leader of Adventurer Guild, etc.

  2. Well he might not be all bad, but he definitely isnt all good either, most people that say he is evil usually point to the adventure arc he had, where he slaughtered like a hundred adventurer’s for very little reason, and did worse things to some of them, that was a brutal arc.

  3. Hah, I get it. And made me sad, I play games to escape reality, not live it. XD

  4. Yeah, as much as i was excited for the idea of Falllout in Space - it was a little too... On the nose.

  5. I did actually enjoy the game, but its also very… scary how correlations are.

  6. Someone hasnt been to Mohg’s palace, blood birds there are 10x worse. XD

  7. What point of the series are we talkin'? Pre-episode 1? Post-Battle of Bright Moon? Season 3-4?

  8. Probably Pre season 1, or somewhere around the first ep or 2 if you wanted.

  9. Imagine how big a lobster would be in this world then.

  10. I like the way they did have two semi main teams, it gives the world a bit more liveliness, and the characters more closeness and relations, JNPR didnt steal the main show, and when we get to Vacuo I was kinda expecting CVFY to kinda take JNPR’s place.

  11. technically she hasnt committed any war crimes

  12. Fun Fact: "Kiki's Delivery Service" is probably canon in Little Witch Academia since it's implied that the Shooting Star may have belonged to or was once used by Kiki

  13. I’ve never heard this Theory, but am okay with it.

  14. Surprised to see no one said before Rennala. I died to her tens of times and the most painful part was the walk before the boss fight.

  15. you really think Rennala would have a statue of Marika right outside her room? there's a reason you can't find any in Raya Lucaria (at least i can't think of any)

  16. Well… I mean there are a lot of statue of Marika’s in some very… very odd, nearly impossible to reach places. XD

  17. I love the art! If you want an honest critique though, Catra’s face does seem a bit off, however I cant blame you, faces are 100% the fucking hardest thing to do. IMO. Still you did great man, far better than I could ever have, especially with this being a first work, I think you got talent to make even better, and more masterful art works.

  18. White Fang in general was wasted potential IMO. I absolutely love revolutionary type stuff, but.. they dropped the ball on that one, killing off Sienna especially.

  19. She could always prove it with information from the future

  20. Well she is still in a different world, previous world knowledge historically speaking wont do too much.

  21. Karui definitely seems to be having a fun time, Sakura is a legend by now, one many girls would bend over for~

  22. Ask Lionheart if he knew CMEN since they were a "team from Haven", maybe. Ask him how they could've masqueraded as a team from Haven or why they turned against Vale for whatever reason, perhaps.

  23. Well… their plan was better than to just stay in Beacon and do nothing.

  24. When I first heard her in the Black trailer I thought she had an Aussie accent in the beginning, and tbh it makes sense cause of where Menagerie is located….and that the Faunus decided to all just live there…hmm

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