1. I doubt anything from the novels will be retconned. There might be weird contradictions but there’s contradictions in the films and TV series as well

  2. I’m so stupid because I just read ‘Omega’ instead of ‘Omega Squad’

  3. What parent let their 10 year old read Mein Kampf

  4. I’m sorry did she just try to blow out her stove?

  5. This is NOT Heather Dubrow….. there’s no champs on the table

  6. Too funny. Marlo just making shit up at this point.

  7. I understand why Marlo didn’t get her peach until now

  8. I wish I had a nerdy Significant Other to do this with. Or just, a significant other in general

  9. Mine isn't anywhere near the Star Wars nerd I am, but she indulges me for fun photos, had to drag her through Clone Wars kicking and screaming :P

  10. Lmao that’s honestly just as great she would indulge you in your Star Wars nerdiness!!

  11. Oh there's an asian lady on dallas!!??? I might have to watch that

  12. For a single season, where she has to deal with a lot of racism and prejudice

  13. I really appreciate how hard Milan went in every lip sync. Whether it was swiffering the floor with her taint or immediately putting her legs in the air during "Vogue", she was giving 100%.

  14. None of the scenes listed. Probably the circle shot in Avengers 1

  15. if his race in anyway changes his characters flaws or ambitions then i’m going to think it’s fucking stupid. race means basically nothing when it comes down to it, it’s your own character and personality that matters in anyway.

  16. I mean, race does mean something in the sense people of different races struggle with different hardships or struggles

  17. yeh but not in america. race doesn’t = hardship here bud, because our laws specifically keep that from happening. i think culture and poverty can affect struggles, but not race specifically. simple statistics can prove that

  18. If you don’t think race has any impact on peoples struggles and you’ve seen the state of our world today I don’t think you’ve looked that much

  19. Her whole look is just such a clusterfuck. The individual pieces are very beautiful, but they DO NOT mesh together well.

  20. I’m pretty sure her veil has lettering on the back

  21. Starfighter!!! Slave 1 isn’t it for me, it’s not the same without the swinging cockpit

  22. They’re all so beautiful … but I never know which ones Milania and which one is Audrianna

  23. I’m guessing she didn’t inherit Juicy Joe’s height gene

  24. New for both in terms of the overall features. I like both bodies and armor pieces better on the new pieces

  25. It’s a decent price for what you get. Tusken Raider is included too

  26. Praying House of Dragon shuts people up about it

  27. Just curious, but what about this sub do you not like so much that you want to get banned from it?

  28. This post reminds me to try that Brazilian place with the live band and the meat on the stick

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