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  1. Reading weapon of a Jedi. Definitely better than Heir to the Jedi, but it is nothing amazing. Out of the whole unofficial series of Moving Target, Smugglers Run, and Weapon of a Jedi, I probably like this one the least.

  2. I had it when I was 8 and it broke and I lost the pieces 😭

  3. If we avoided conversations about DnD then yes

  4. The Eiffel Tower shrinks in size incredibly fast. The base is the biggest because that’s the biggest structure. The top of the tower is probably 1/4 of the width of the base

  5. i went ahead and typed up a transcript of Dorinda's monologue for anyone who had difficulty following:

  6. Rose: watching Wednesday on Netflix. So great!!!

  7. Good luck moving across the country!! I went to school in Arizona for a year and moved back because I got way to homesick!

  8. My rose: finally starting the run of the musical I’m working on today


  10. What is it with Tamra and iconic fuck yous inside of a limo car

  11. Just a wild guess but Star Wars theory is salty about bricks existing in the Star Wars universe

  12. Doesn’t even make sense cuz it’s only literature, not the movie they despise

  13. The sleeves should says wow legit jerking to this rn

  14. Pretty cool echo is on here considering she’s the last character to come out on overwatch

  15. I need whatever crack the comments are smoking about how she was ‘ahead of her time’ and that these two are amazing.

  16. Yeah but since Buddha reached nirvana he doesn’t reincarnate after

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