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  1. I live in buffalo. I hate going to Syracuse. But I would probably take the family and stay overnight once a year to see a nice aquarium.

  2. Anyone that offers you anything for 31k then comes down to 10k and then comes down to 5k is trying to scam you.

  3. Thats interesting. I'm the opposite and moved to NYC from Buffalo 6 years ago. Life is definitely different and yes it's way more expensive here. My home costs over 4 times the cost of my parents (my downpayment could've bought my parents' house cash) and it's way smaller. But food here is amazing though. Buffalo has some things going for it like Pizza, wings, Mighty Taco, and Loganberry. But for overall food scene, NYC has so much more variety.

  4. My husband got me some loganberry for the first time in forever the other day. Good lord. I mean, it slammed me back to being 10 years old sitting on my grandmother's cousin's porch in Crystal Beach but daaaaaaaang was it sweet. Like mouth-puckering sweet.

  5. There is no guarantee that her earring this degree will land her a great job either. Borrowing 60k to keep up a lifestyle is a bad idea IMO.

  6. Doctors and lawyers cannot afford med/law school. Poor argument, but I get what you're trying to say. It's just not applicable to every field and every degree.

  7. OP has made it clear that they are not becoming a doctor or lawyer. Your statement is poorly thought out.

  8. Call the police. Record your interactions sonthat you cannot be accused of abuse.

  9. I do nice things for people all the time. Not just in return for something done for me. Thank you for the freebi have a great day!

  10. You may be extending the break in period a little much. A good car with a bad owner for 80k miles is a money pit if you buy it from them.

  11. It’s usually only children who are almost all virgins or immature adults. X these people from your life.

  12. You did not make a mistake. Historically the rates offered today are still quite low too. So now you are more established at work, have less debt and can still borrow at historically low rates!

  13. I will definitely be looking into selling her. She is a 2017 4dr manual so I'm hoping I can get close to what I owe

  14. A lot of guys that were the back of a truck can’t read or even on probation so maybe it was a smart decision to throw a box of weed and beer in the trash. Sucks he missed out on the cash!

  15. I’m 5’10 so it’s a big problem. You’re definitely right about the diet since I’m so used to eating like shit! I’ve made good changes like eliminating sodas, drinking strictly water and black coffee,and eating more veggies with grilled/baked chicken as a few examples

  16. If you stick to this diet and exercise 3-5x a week the weight will fall off you. I lost 80 lbs in a year just eating healthy. But you have to eat healthy 100% of the time.

  17. Interesting! We live in Dayton OH and it looks like starting off, salaries are closer to 50k. Right now he makes 80k as an engineer.

  18. You will have to adjust some spending. But 80k down to 50k(for now) is really not that big of a difference in quality of life.

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