1. They played look but don’t touch with a vocal backing track.

  2. I love puss in boots as a charecter but I would want to see a shrek five. Maybe a donkey spin-off

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a prototype for the tod10. The prototype for the thbb10 looked completely different and have a wolf color too.

  4. Fr. We should normalize putting what country/state you’re in in the title so that we don’t have to keep asking lmao

  5. We’re all getting cucked from our salary so what

  6. Also there's a weird thing about people in corporate (especially Big 4) where if you have hobbies outside the normal netflix/football/kids, especially when they rise to the level of a passion, you are fuckin WEIRD.

  7. Wtf really? I’m literally in accounting to fund my music

  8. Same! found a remote industry job w great balance and each day just get my work done as fast as I can and move onto music. Got a bit lucky getting noticed by the right people and am quitting next year if not earlier to start touring. Waiting til I’ve replaced my salary with streaming/mentoring/patreon income though

  9. Ayy congrats man! Once I start making money I’m out this hoe too lmao

  10. There’s also a tv show on Netflix if that’s what you’re referring to.

  11. However much I pay in gas per year lmao

  12. However much I pay in gas per year lmao

  13. If you're concerning yourself with the way people wipe their asses, you're a creepy freak.

  14. Be rocking that 80s shag haircut as an accounting student ⛷️

  15. I kinda liked him more than death. Death had a cool edginess to him but Jack was so insane it was funny.

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